Parent Exhibition Presentation

PYP Exhibition
Kris Stanhope
Year 6 Leader
Students are required to engage in a
collaborative, trasndisiplinary inquiry process
that involves them in identifying, investigating
and offering solutions to real-life issues or
The students will be grouped according to an
issue for which they expressed interest.
They will carry out an inquiry into this reallife issue and develop an action they can take.
They will celebrate their learning by
presenting their entire process during
Exhibition Week.
As an authorized PYP school, we agree to the
principles and practices of the programme. The
exhibition is one of those.
To celebrate the transition from primary to high
To engage in an in-depth, collaborative inquiry
To demonstrate independence and responsibility
for their own learning
To apply their learning from six years in the PYP
To take action as a result of their learning
To share their learning process with their families
and the wider community
This year’s topics are all based around the
Sharing the Planet theme, using this central idea:
Actions and decisions have consequences
that affect the world.
Students will inquire into:
Issues that exist locally and globally.
 Sustainable ways to make a difference
 Student Choice (impact of their issue)
Students will explore the various kinds
of action
Students will explore possible actions
that can be taken
The action should be something they
can accomplish on their own, and
should be meaningful to themselves
and the community.
They will carry out the action during
Week 1-2– Introduction to the exhibition and the
Issues. This will run alongside our current
Weeks 3-5 – Planning, research, contact and
interview primary sources, plan action,
answer questions.
Week 6 – Action Week
Week 7-8 – Pulling it all together
Week 9 – Exhibition Week
Teachers and Teacher Managers
Mentors and Specialists
Flexible Schedules
The Arts
The Exhibition Book
Be a cheerleader for your child! The Exhibition
can be stressful, especially when we are down to
the wire.
Support your child
 Possible local trips
 Research
Support us
 Subject expert
 Contact with individuals or groups
Parent assessment on the night.
Bradbury School
Exhibition 2012
Bradbury Exhibition Wiki
Thursday 17th May