Sumerian Advances in Learning and Technology

By: Teal Finley, Matt Yattaw, Tyler Arndt, &
Gabe Payor.
The Sumerians were the first people to ever
write down their laws.
Their cuneiform became the model for other
peoples writing.
Cuneiform- Wedged shaped writing
They developed a number system based on
 From then on it became the 60 minute hour,
60 second minute & the 360 degree circle.
 They also used a clock that was operated by
controlled drops of water.
They invented the wheel, which helped in
many ways, including transportation.
Another was the plow, which helped farmers
grow more food with less effort.
Another was the sailboat, which replaced
muscle power with wind power.
One of the first known maps were made on a
clay tablet in about 2300 BC.
Arches, columns, ramps, pyramid were
important architectural innovations.
 Mud bricks were another important
architectural innovation, that’s how they
made their houses.