Christine Bourquin

Students Speak: A MyLab Success Story
Christine Bourquin
Clark College, Vancouver, WA
Ambition/Career Goal: Instructor or Therapist in Art
In my free time... I paint, create, cook, and exercise.
What (or who) motivates and inspires you to graduate
from college? My family, my parents, and my cousin
How did using MyArtsLab help you succeed in your course?
I love MyArtsLab because it’s like having a private tutor. My textbook was very large, and it
was overwhelming for me to think of absorbing so much information. But, with the help of
MyArtsLab, I could work at my own pace, review terminology, and even take practice exams
on each chapter. Because MyArtsLab is interactive, it makes learning more fun and less boring!
My instructor had us write about one Closer Look piece each chapter. It was nice to have a
choice of what to write about. I learned about specific pieces such as: Édouard Manet’s
painting Le déjeuner sur l’herbe, the architectural panorama on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel,
the architectural panorama on the Eiffel Tower, and the “purse lid” from the ship burial at
Sutton Hoo (craftwork). The Closer Look feature helped make the class interesting because
I love art and anything French! Finally, I appreciated the access to MySearchLab. It’s like having
a library research department at your fingertips. It even helped me write specific compare and
contrast essays.
What is the number one benefit of using MyArtsLab?
I have problems concentrating when reading long chapters. I get distracted easily and am
unable to retain what I read. The Listening to the Audio eText feature in MyArtsLab along
with the book allowed me to take excellent notes and helped me get As on my tests!
How do you think your success from using MyArtsLab
will affect your college experience/future career?
It helps me build my confidence. I don’t feel like a “dummy” when it comes to reading
new material.
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