New France & Economy

New France & Economy
Jean Talon
• Jean Talon was in
charge of populating
New France after 1663.
• He was also in charge of
making sure New
France was able to
make money
• Jean Talon was in
charge of the economy.
What does ‘Economy’ Mean?
• The word economy means what a country or
colony does to make money
• There are lots of things that can be done to
make money
• New France tried several things to make
• New France had fisheries, industry,
seigneuries and trade with other French
• Fisheries: places where boats gather to catch
fish and bring them back to land to be
preserved and sold
• New France had lots of fisheries
• Fish was important because Catholics could
not eat meat on Fridays
• So they ate fish
• Only fish on Fridays = lot of fishing = $$$
• What is industry?
• Industry is when raw materials and goods are
gathered and/ or made by people to be sold
to make money.
• Jean Talon started tanneries, forestry, ship
building, hemp and flax production for
clothing and a brewery
• Tanneries: places where people turn animal skin
into leather to make different goods
• Forestry: Cutting down trees so that the trees can
be used to build different things
• Ship building: Jean Talon started a ship building
industry in Quebec City. Men made large ships
from lumber found in New France
• Breweries: Places where you make beer to sell
• Jean Talon started the first large brewery in New
• Jean Talon and the king of
France decided that
starting seigneuries
would be a good idea.
• Farmers could produce
crops that made money
• Two of the most popular
crops: Flax and hemp
• Flax  make linen and
• Hemp  rope
Trading with other French colonies
• France had colonies all over the world
• New France was just one of the colonies.
• There were French colonies in the
Caribbean, Africa, South America, Asia
and the South Pacific Oceans
• Jean Talon thought it would be a good
idea to trade with some of the other
French colonies
Triangular trade
• Jean Talon helped set
up trading with French
colonies in Africa and
the Caribbean.
• This was called a
triangular trading
Triangular Trade
• New France and the Caribbean would send raw
materials like sugar, maple syrup, tobacco, cotton,
hemp, flax, lumber to France.
• France would sell manufactured goods back to
the colonies
• The Caribbean and New France would trade raw
material and some manufactured goods with
each other
• Men and women from Africa were sent to the
Caribbean to work as slaves
Did New France become rich?
• NO!
• New France did not become rich because it did
not trade enough or make enough goods to sell.
• New France just made enough to survive
• Because most of New France was farmland, it
could not produce as much as the English
• New France was also less populated
• No money + bad economy = weak colony
• England will eventually take over New France in
the mid-1700s
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