Using Scanners for Eduphoria Power Point

Presented by Dept of Academics
• The scanners we are going to are not
• They are a computer scanner with an
auto feed tray
• They use regular paper
• This will alleviate problems with the
servers and make student “inputting”
1. When the test answer documents are
available for teachers to print they will
see Test Available
2. Select the test you need to print answer
documents for from the list of available
3. Choose each class period to print answer
documents. You will see a green check
mark on the right when they are selected.
Click on the class again if you need to de-select
4. Click Print Answer Sheets icon located in
the lower right corner to print
• Once printed, it is imperative that you check the bar at the top
and at the bottom of the answer documents. They must be
completely black without any variation in color.
• If not, then problems not only with scanning will occur, but also
the data may not score correctly even if it does scan and
• Locate the Scanner for Twain
• The answer sheet has a bar code on the bottom that will send
the test to the right spot.
• The teachers can log in to send the answer sheets but so could
the Principal/Dean/CS
• Face Up, Head First!
• About 3 seconds
• The auto feeder can hold 35 answers sheets at a time (about 1 class)
• So it take 7 minutes for 140 students to be scanned
It is very important that teachers follow the guidelines below in order for the
Eduphoria scanners to work effectively.
• Make sure your students bubble in the circles completely. If any part of the circle
is not bubbled, the scanner may not pick up the answer.
• Make sure your students bubble the circles darkly. If they are too light, the
scanner may not pick up the answer.
• Do not allow your students to mark on or color the bubbles at the bottom of the
• Make sure your students erase carefully and completely when correcting an
• It is best to scan in a class set at a time. To ensure that the scanner picks up one
document at a time, fan through the answer documents before placing them in the
• Questions, Comments, Concerns