Creating an interactive product
Introduction and Success Criteria
Organize your work
• Set up the following directory structure for unit 5:
• >ICT
>Unit 5 – Creating an Interactive Product using Multimedia
>Task 1 – Design a multimedia product
>Task 2 – Create a multimedia product
>Task 3 – Test a multimedia product
• Remember to save your work in the correct folder
• Go to Unit 5 in the school web site and read the scenario.
Read the scenario and demonstrate you
understand all the tasks
Complete an introduction explaining in
your own words what you have been asked
to do.
• Complete an introduction explaining what you have
been asked to do. Describe the following points:
• The organisation you are working for and your role in
the project.
• What have you been asked to create.
• The purpose of the interactive multimedia product and
Who will it be targeted at.
• What must the interactive multimedia product include?
(e.g; pictures, videos, animation, text descriptions and
• What must you collect for the interactive multimedia
• Describe the four main tasks that you need to
complete during the project
Be Thinking....
• With a partner, write what you think is
meant by the term ‘success criteria’...
• An effective multimedia product should
match the needs and interests of its users
Success Criteria
• Things to think about…
• What would make the product successful
upon completion?
• Think about the purpose of the product.
• Show an understanding of the scenario – Will
the product meet the needs of the scenario?
Task 1: Success criteria
What will make your interactive product a success? List here all
the things that will make your product meet the defined purpose
and target audience (meeting client brief, components, quality,
interactivity etc.)
Create a checklist of things that a good multimedia product will
include. Give reasons for your choices (video, audio, text, graphics,
animation, interactivity, colours).
Describe how the above criteria will be used to decide whether or
not the completed product meets the needs of the client.
This is your chance to show the examiner you fully understand the requirements of the scenario.
Remember to write out your answers in
full. Simply writing “aimed at 17-23” is
not detailed enough. How will you make
sure it is aimed at this age range? What
will it include.
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