Joining Generations Multimedia Contest

Win a $750, $500 or $250 scholarship AND get published
Older people in your family and community have great stories, and they love to share them. They especially love to
share the stories with today’s youth. If you are a student who works on a high school media staff, or staffs, – grades
9 through 12 – you can interview one of these individuals and tell his or her story through words and visuals, win a
$750, $500 or $250 scholarship AND get published online.
The 2015 winners at under SCSPA.
Copy/text: Interview anyone over the age of 60 in your community. Use the information you gather to write either a
feature story about your subject or an article centered on his/her insights on a contemporary issue. Writing portions
should be 500 to 750 words.
Multimedia can reveal personality, emotion and details that writing cannot. Produce a multimedia
piece (a compelling photograph, a slideshow, a short video, a chart, an audio clip, or whatever else you would like)
to accompany and add depth to the story you have written. For example, if your story is about the musical abilities
of your subject, you may choose to create a short video of him/her playing an instrument and discussing his/her
passion for music. Any software can be used to produce the piece, including, but not limited to, iMovie, PowerPoint,
SoundSlides, Audacity, Acrobat, or the Adobe Suite. Multimedia pieces should be between one and three minutes.
Text and multimedia must be submitted by 11:30 p.m. MARCH 29, 2016.
All entries should be submitted via email to [email protected]
If video/audio is used, you may provide a link to the piece (YouTube, Vimeo, etc).
With your submission, include your full name, school, teacher’s name and publication name.
1st place: $750
2nd place: $500
3rd place: $250
Awards will be presented at the SCSPA Spring Conference.
All winners will be displayed on SchoPress online (, the SCSPA University of South Carolina
webpage ( and the BG TIME (Bridging Generations with Technology, Information, Media and
Engagement) website.
*Funding for the scholarships is provided by the Central Carolina Community foundation.
We encourage advisers to make the Joining Generations Multimedia Contest a class assignment. Get your scholastic
journalists out of the classroom and into the community and give them experience interviewing someone from a
different age group.
We will provide a biographical unit assignment complete with a grading rubric and examples upon request.
Contact Leslie Dennis, [email protected]