Reflective Writing Presentation

 Format
◦ Margins=1 inch
◦ Font=Times New Roman
 Be sure font matches research
paper font
◦ Font Size=12 pt.
◦ Double-space body
◦ Indent paragraphs
 Format
◦ Numbered pages
 continued numbering that matches
rest of portfolio
◦ Title that identifies it as the
reflection paper
 Type
a composition of two to
three pages. In this paper you
◦ Write in complete sentences and
organize your writing
 include an introduction, body
paragraphs, and a conclusion
◦ Avoid bullets, numbers, and
 this is not technical writing
◦ Answer more than just yes or no
◦ Write so the reader can understand your
paper without use of the question
◦ Proofread your paper checking for errors
in usage and grammar
 avoid contractions, dead words, and
 Avoid using the word “WE” in your paper
since this is to be YOUR project not your
mentor’s (exception is when you are
referring to training done with your mentor)
Refer to your procedural outline and
time log to address the following in your
◦What I did
◦Challenges I faced
◦What I learned
do NOT need to discuss these
questions in this particular order, but
you DO need to address all of them.
Summarize your entire project in one
◦ Use your procedural outline to help you
List problems encountered and how
you handled these problems.
If given the opportunity, what would
you do differently?
List all personal satisfaction or
knowledge gained from this project.
◦ Beyond the project, what did you learn
about yourself?
Describe what risks you took in completing
this project.
◦ Consider physical, emotional, and intellectual
How did this project help you develop skills
such as organization, assertiveness, etc.?
◦ What skills did you lack that you had to develop
to complete this project?
Proofread when you are done!
Have someone else proofread your paper also!
Read the following introductions. Which is better?
Number 1:
My senior exit project involved setting up and
managing the Rock Creek football team website this
fall. I spent about 30 hours on this project, both
throughout the summer and the fall. In the process I
faced several challenges and learned much about web
Number 2:
In this paper I am going to tell you about my exit
project in which I created a website. I will also discuss
the challenges I faced, and what I learned about web
What I Did
What I Learned
Challenges I Faced
Reflection Paper--Student Examples