Document Etiquette

Document Etiquette
White space
An essential design element
Should balance text and graphics
Allows readers to digest what is being
Carries as much weight in a layout
as a graphic
Font Size
Should be easy to read
Standard for main text is 12 pt.
Font Types
Serif: a more traditional font typeset originally
credited to the Romans.
i.e.. Times New Roman
Made word blocks appear more uniform before
digitized printing came around.
Font Types (con’t.)
Sans Serif: a more contemporary typeset
i.e. Arial
Eliminates “visual noise” for smaller font
Font Styles
More than 2 font styles is too much of a good
Decorative fonts should only be used as titles
or headers.
Don’t overbold or overitalicize;
Short paragraphs:
Are concise
Help the reader quickly find details
Should be used under subheadings
Spacing (con’t)
Alignment brings order to chaos
Align paragraphs consistently
Keep vertical lines in mind
– Pleasingly align text and graphics with white space
Sentences should be at least 1.5 lines apart
– More for younger audiences
Be consistent
Know the audience and their needs
Use call out boxes
DiD you know…
A Call Out box draws
readers attention