sept 29 & 30 6.P.2.1 molecules

Science Class
September 29 (A day)
September 30 (B Day)
Warm Up
• Today in class you will be building molecules
• Write this information in your notebook:
• Red atoms = Oxygen
• Yellow atoms = Hydrogen
• Black atoms = Carbon
Solution Stations….
• We have completed several activities related to
Matter 6.P.2.1
• You will have 15 minutes to rotate around the
room to check your answers in solution stations
• Take your notebook and pencil to each solution
station; you will rotate on your own to all stations
• All of these activities must be in your notebook as
you will be tested on this
Important Dates…..
• Your next quiz will be on
• Friday, October 3rd (A day)
• Monday, October 6th (B day)
• The quiz will be on 6.P.2.1
Reading Article and
Answering questions
• Read the article “Atoms and Molecules”
• Answer the questions in your notebook (find
where you left off last class)
• Very Important: each question must be
copied in your notebook and answered in a
complete sentence.
• 10 minutes to finish
• If you are done, you may read or draw
How well did we comprehend?
• What does a diamond and a lump of coal have in common
with one another? A diamond and a lump of coal are
made from the same kind of atoms (carbon atoms).
• What are different kinds of atoms called? Different kinds
of atoms are called elements.
• What is a molecule? A molecule is formed when two or
more atoms join together.
• How is carbon dioxide formed? Carbon dioxide is formed
when coal is burned. Carbon atoms from the coal
combine with oxygen in the air to form carbon dioxide
• How many molecules can be found in 1 plastic bottle? It
takes millions of atoms to make just one plastic bottle.
Write this down where you just answered
your questions from the reading…
• Molecules: the smallest unit of a
substance that has 2 or more atoms
joined together
Write this down…
• Molecules can be the same type of atoms
bonded together
(O2 molecule = air we breathe)
(H2 molecule = hydrogen)
Atoms of the same element = same properties
Write this down…
• Compounds form when different types of atoms
(elements) bond together
(H2O = water molecule)
• Atoms of different elements = different properties
Did anyone see these elements on the
periodic table?
• Common elements found on Earth
Interactive Molecules and Compounds
• We are now going to build
different molecules
• We are only using Carbon
atoms, Hydrogen atoms and
Oxygen atoms
Write this in your notebook
• Draw, label and color these molecules
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