Physical Properties of Matter

Matter is anything
that takes up space.
Physical property is
anything you can
observe about an
object by using your
Solids take up a
specific amount of
space and have a
definite shape.
A liquid has a
volume that stays
the same, but it can
change its shape. A
liquid takes the
shape of any
container it is put
A gas does not have
a definite shape or a
define volume. It
takes up all the
space in its
Matter is made of
atoms. Atoms are
the basic building
blocks of matter.
Adding heat or
taking heat away
causes matter to
change states. This is
because adding
heat makes the
particles in matter
move faster.
Evaporation is the
process by which a
liquid becomes a
All matter takes up
space. The amount
of space matter
takes up is called its
Mass is the amount
of matter in an
object. You can’t
tell how much mass
an object has if you
just look at it. You
have to measure to
find out how much
mass an object has.
Weight and mass are
different. Mass is the
measure of the
amount of matter in
an object. Weight is
the measure of the
force of gravity on
an object
An object’s mass stays
the same no matter
where the
measurement is taken.
An astronaut’s mass
would be the same on
the moon as it would
on Earth.
An astronaut’s weight
on the moon would be
1/6 of what he or she
weighs on Earth.
Using the right tools
makes measuring
Measures volume
Different kinds of
matter can take up
the same amount of
space but have
different masses. A
lime has about the
same volume as an
egg. But the lime
has more mass.