Homework 4

Homework 4:
River Flow data for your project area are provided to you. The following processing of the data is
1. Draw Flow vs. time curve (X axis = time).
a. Identify extreme events (both for high and low flows)
b. If you identify some abnormal flow values (both high and low) please search literature
to find out the possible reasons for these abnormalities. Discuss in detail.
2. Calculate mean monthly flows for each year and plot these flows against time (Hint: …Jan 2010,
Feb2010, ……. Jan 2011, Feb2011… and so on).
3. Calculate mean annual flows and plot against time. (Hint: …2010, 2011, …. and so on)
4. Consider seasonal flows by dividing 12 months in 4 seasons; December, Jan, Feb- March, April,
Mar- June, July, August and Sept, Oct, Nov). Calculate mean seasonal flow for each year and
a. Identify if there are some abnormal peaks/lows.
5. Plot flow duration curve and calculate 10, 20, 50 and 100 year floods.
6. Prepare a professional presentation showing all your results.
Due November 13, 2015 through presentation in the class.