Observation Report

Observation Report
Here’s lookin at you kid! (from a famous movie)
The purpose of the observation was to provide
you with an in-depth look at a specific,
defined, environment. You can report on the
data you collected in various ways.
You may wish to focus your report on
 how your plot environment reacted to nature (any
flooding or wind damage, did a squirrel bury a nut in
the plot, did a spider build a web – what did it
 human intervention (people tracking through the plot,
litter, etc)
You may wish to focus on
 overall changes to the environment (did more grass
grow, less/more water, leaves collect, etc.)
You may wish to report on
 biological diversity
 evolution (if any could take place in such a short
 ecology
You may wish to report on
 the health of the environment (similar to the SRN)
 expectations and reality of what took place over the
course of your observations
 what action should take place to continue the health
of the plot, to bring it back to a more “natural”
environment, to let it go as a litter-infested part of
You may wish to explain any processes that took place that
created a change in the environment or its inhabitants.
What were the phenomena observed?
Your report must include at least one sketch from your
observations. Please include the sketch at the back of your
report as part of an appendix or attachment. Also, you must
indicate at least 3 observations you made (you may even
cite yourself) along with the observations from group