Strategies for Self Development and Business Growth

Strategies for Self Development and Business
A Presentation made at the RISE National Youth Forum,
(Ibadan Session), on July 31, 2010
by Oluwafunke Amobi (Mrs.)
Session Overview
This session will aim to:
Highlight the need for a strategic approach to personal
development and business growth
Define self development and identify it’s importance
Establish the laws of self development and business
Identify useful strategies for self development and
business growth
Critical Questions
What is a strategy?
What is self development
and why is it important?
What are the strategies
for self development and
business growth?
What is a Strategy?
A strategy is an alternative chosen, to ensure the occurrence of a desired future
e.g. the achievement of a goal, the solution of a problem, e.t.c.
It is the art and science of planning and marshalling resources for their most
efficient and effective use.
It derives from the Greek work “strategos”; which is the term ascribed to a
military general. It implies an ability to think on one’s feet, a readiness to meet
any challenge and a focus on achieving the ultimate objective.
A strategy answers the questions:
Where ?(Direction)
Which? (Scope)
How? (Advantage)
What ?(Resources needed, External factors)
What is a Strategy? (Contd.)
A strategy indicates a deliberateness in dealing with situations. It is
a melting pot of our thought processes and introspections;
providing an articulation of how we will achieve our chosen
We cannot just let life “happen” to us, we must be strategic in our
pursuit of our life goals and objectives. We must continually
reassess our goals, reposition ourselves for success and make
necessary adjustments as the situation presents.
Do You Have a Personal Development Strategy?
What is Self Development & Why is it Important?
Self development is taking personal responsibility for the
outcome of one’s life. It’s about pursuing our potentials
through a process of reflection, assessment, goal setting
and taking action.
As long as you are still alive, you are capable of changing
and growing.You can do anything you want and be
anything you want to be.
Self improvement is not just about achieving as much as
possible in the quickest time possible, it is about
achieving true and lasting success.
What is Self Development & Why is it Important? (Contd.)
So, why is self development important?
It gives you a sense of purpose and direction
It empowers you to gain control over your life
It helps you manage change and face challenges
It enables you live a happy and fulfilling life
It helps you get the most out of your life
3 Laws of Self Development and Business
Law Of Personal Mastery
Law of Attraction
Law of the “Big Picture”
The Law of Personal Mastery: Know Thy Self
What are my present:
What are my Future:
Strengths & Weaknesses?
Daily actions
Thoughts & Words?
Where am I Going?
Is my today aligned with my tomorrow?
Do I currently have what it takes to achieve my dreams?
What and how should I be doing to reach my goals?
The Law of Attraction
The law of attraction is simply the law that whatever you
desire and intend to have, you will attract to you. In other
words, your thoughts dictate what you experience in
Cultivate a habit of thinking positively and making
positive affirmations.
The Law of the “Big Picture”
“All who have accomplished great things have had a great aim, have fixed
their gaze on a goal which was high, one which sometimes seemed
impossible.” -Orison Swett Marden
The law of the big picture is tied to vision. Vision helps us spot present
opportunities where others might not see them, but it also points us
towards the future and inspires us to ask, “where do I (or my business,
marriage, career) want to be five years from now? Ten years from now?
Twenty years?
Our self development or business strategies start with a vision:
Personal Development
Business Growth
Set goals and stick to them
 Be Fearless!
 Choose a mentor
 Be disciplined
Do a market survey / Business Plan
– Who wants what I am offering?
Network for Business Advantage
Extend your market Reach –
Spread to new ‘locations’
physically/virtually (e.g. websites,
online stores), advertise.
Contain your costs! – The “bottom
line” about business growth is
growing your bottom line!
Accept personal responsibility for your own growth;
NO ONE can do it for you and what you do
today will determine your readiness for tomorrow.
You are the future of this great Nation.
Nigeria awaits your unveiling!
Make a commitment to improve yourself.
Take decisive steps and ACT NOW!