Magazine Launch ppt

Task 1
Task 2
1. Why should we have a House magazine?
2. How will the magazine benefit students?
3. How will the magazine benefit the school?
4. What would you like to name YOUR House
magazine? (3-4 possible titles)
Task 3
Table Tour
You are now going to tour the classroom and visit
each of the group mind maps.
You will need a pen with you whilst you are touring
and your task is to tick or comment on the responses
that you like.
You could even leave questions for the group to
answer when they arrive back from the class tour.
Review and Reflect
1. Look at the feedback from your peers
2. Then, as a group, think of different names for
YOUR House magazine
3. As a group, decide on ONE name that you would
like to enter into the competition
All names will be given to Miss Roberts and a prize
awarded to the winning name for each house 
Task 1: 3, 2, 1
3 things you would always find in a magazine
(images, headlines, articles)
2 things you would find in a magazine article
(images, columns of writing, captions)
1 thing that would attract you to reading a
particular magazine (competitions, freebies,
Task 2: Features of a Magazine Article
• Pictures
• Headline
• Captions
• Subheadings
• Use of colour
Feature 1: Exaggeration
• To make something
appear greater or
bigger or more
noticeable than it
actually is
Feature 2: Informal Language
• Casual, familiar,
unofficial speech or
• Formal: ‘Prince William
and Kate Middleton set to
marry in April’
• Informal: ‘Wills and Kate
prepare for the big day’
Feature 3: Colloquial Language
• Ordinary or familiar
conversation in speech
or writing
• E.g. How’s it going?
• What a nightmare!
• Totes amaze!
Feature 4: Simple Sentences
(compound sentences)
• Sentences that use a
noun and a verb
• Why might an article
use simple sentences?
• E.g. ‘The Queen seemed
• ‘He was shocked’
Task 3: Analysing an Article
• Which common features of a magazine article can you
spot? (you will need to copy down the evidence from the
article into your notebooks)
• Looking at your 3, 2, 1; can you spot any ‘things’ that you
mentioned in your answer to question 2? (2 things you
would find in a magazine article)
• Can you spot any examples of informal language? List 2-3
Review and Reflect
Check your learning…
Working in a pair, one person needs to ask the
other about features of an article.
The person asking the questions, needs to
remember ONE response from their partner to
feedback to the class.
Task 1
‘Mag Must Have’s’
• Working in a pair, write a list of 3 ‘things’ that
a magazine must have to be read and enjoyed
by students. (Competitions, quizzes, creative
• Then, choose ONE ‘must have’ to feedback to
the rest of the group
Task 2
1. Get into groups of 4-6
2. Write the following headings onto the paper…
1. Creative Writing
2. Interesting Articles
3. Features
Creative Writing
• Creative writing is
anything where the
purpose is to express
thoughts, feelings
and emotions rather
than just to simply
convey information
• Memoirs
• Monologues
Interesting Articles
• Articles discuss current or
recent news EITHER of
general interest OR of a
specific topic
• The aim of an article is to
offer information and
opinions to the reader
about an interesting topic
For example, in the i
newspaper today…
‘New Orleans braced for the
power of Isaac’
‘The hospitals failing
patients over drugs’
‘The Hermoine Granger
effect: why teenagers are
finally starting to say no to
bad behaviour’
• A feature is a story that’s
longer than a standard news
story and written in a
different style
• The feature article will
always match it’s audience
– women’s magazines will
feature articles on lifestyle,
fashion, health and
• The writer will often have
lots of knowledge about
that subject
Key Features…
More detailed
Profiles of well known
Background information
Personal experience
Task 3: Over to you…
• Work together to generate ideas of what the
students could produce to fit under each heading.
• Give specific ideas and you COULD consider
headlines and captions for the different articles.
For example, under ‘Creative Writing’ new
students could write a piece of descriptive writing
about their first impressions of SBL
• Your group will need 3-4 ideas for each heading.
Review and Reflect: Table Tour
• Leave your group’s ‘Magazine Ideas’ on the table.
• With a pen, you need to visit each of the group’s
mind maps and tick or comment on the ideas
that you like.
• You COULD leave questions for the students to
consider when they arrive back to their mind
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