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Franchesco Casadidio Biography
My name is Franchesco Casadidio and I’m from Miami,
Florida. My father is Italian and my mother is Colombian
and I was born here in the U.S.
My favorite sport is soccer and I am happy to be a part
of the Gator Nation.
At the start of the semester my official major was
undecided which was pretty cool until they told me I
wasn’t going to graduate with my class if I stayed that
way. Because I might go off track I decided to become a
business major.
Biography of Franchesco (cont.)
I was leaning towards Engineering a bit but as the
class took its course I decided that it wasn’t for me. I
plan on graduating from the University of Florida and
being happy with what I have gained from my
There is so much out there that I do not like to set
times for my goals or so many goals because
Who knows with what foot ill wake up the next
Be happy.
Dennis Alas Biography
I am a 2nd semester freshman and my major is Electrical
Engineering. I was initially undecided about my major
but this class increased my interest in robotics.
I have been involved in intramural sports (soccer and
volleyball) all year long and just recently I joined the
solar gators club in which we are going to build a solar
powered car for the American Solar Challenge next
Dennis Alas Bio (cont.)
Through IEEE I also volunteered at the Talbot
Elementary afterschool robotics club and it has been a
nice experience.
My advice for future gators is to try to get involved in
activities that interest you, not just something that will
make your resume look good.
Do what you love, love what you do
Robot Presentation
Our robot Torres was on his way to his soccer game
but midway to the stadium he remembered he had left
his pair of cleats in the dark garage so he had to drive
Torres is a terrible driver, he had a couple of accidents
before and on his way back to the house he had some
troubles and never made it back. The next video shows
one of the many accidents Torres had in the past. Till
this day, Torres’ whereabouts remain unknown.
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