Researchers Show How a Car`s Electronics Can Be Taken Over

“Researchers Show How
a Car’s Electronics Can
Be Taken Over Remotely”
Article By: John Markoff
Presentation by: Jason Isenhower
 Cars have increasingly large amounts of electronics in them
 Many cars have wireless connections such as Bluetooth and
cellular radios
 These connections can be used to hack the car from long
 The hacker can track the car, unlock doors, listen to the
cabin, and possibly other things
 Why was the car released to market with such poor
electronic security?
 What standard’s does the manufacturer develop to?
 Are the rest of the car’s components as vulnerable as the
 If the car can be hacked and crashed, is it the hacker’s fault
or the manufacturer’s?
ACM Code
 Harm to others
 Depends on whether driving functions can be controlled
 Privacy
 Private conversations in the car could be eavesdropped on
 Society’s Well Being
 The researchers follow the code by informing the public and
 The researchers do the right thing by publishing their findings
and notifying the manufacturers
 We wouldn’t know about the problem otherwise
 The manufacturers are working to correct the problem
 Fixing the problem after getting caught for it?