Mariana Becomes a Butterfly

“Mariana Becomes a Butterfly”
Allie Raymond
Abby McAbee
About Mariana
lives in the Dominican Republic
has a Papa and a Tia Leti
favorite plant is Ohelo berry plant
loves butterflies
Mariana’s Problem
favorite plant, Ohelo, is not growing
berries are in seeds
insects pollinate seeds
seeds aren’t getting pollinated- why??
Why Don’t Bugs Come?
• Ohelo is from Hawaii
• not shaped like D.R. plants
• bugs can’t get the pollen out
What Mariana Does
watches her garden for insects
records in her journal pictures and words
sees no insects visiting Ohelo
What can she do??
• bring insects from another country
• use a puff ball to transfer pollen
• make her own pollinator
What She Chooses
• insects can harm other plants and people
• puff ball is too big
• So…. she makes her own!!
What Kids Learn
• Sciencewhat is an engineer?
scientific process
butterfly life cycle
• cultureDomincan Republic
Spanish words
• Age: 2nd and 3rd
• liked this activity for younger elementary
• directions not clear, though
• lots of information in the book for age level
• activity is fun and engaging
Our Experiment
What We did
made a hand pollinator
tested aluminum foil and pipe cleaners
pipe cleaner worked much better
– furry like insects legs
– thinner
– picks up pollen easier
– less pollen falls off