Sign of the Beaver

Sign of the Beaver
Pop Up Book
1. Eight pieces of 8 ½ x 11” construction
paper (preferably white but yellow or a
light color will also work)
2. Glue
3. Crayons or colored pencils
4. Scissors
1. Fold an 8 ½ x 11 inch
sheet of paper in half.
2. On the seem, draw a
dotted line to indicate
where you will cut.
The lines should be no
longer than an inch tall
& an inch apart.
3. Cut on the dotted line
(see photo). The
dotted line does not
have to be in the same
place on each page.
4. Push the cut area
through to the other
side of the paper
(see picture).
5. Crease the page so
that the pop up
portion stands up
6. Have students illustrate
the top section of the
page according to the the
assigned task. (There will
be a task in the unit for
each page of the pop up
book.) Encourage students
not to leave any white
spaces so that the
illustration stands out.
7. Have students illustrate &
cut out a figure that will
pop up for the page (see
8. Have students
attach lined paper to
the bottom half of
the page to complete
the written portion
of the assigned task.
9. Repeat the process as
students are assigned
pages as tasks.
10. When all seven pages
are complete, have
students glue the pages
together one at a time
(see photo). It will be
more successful if they
watch you glue a sample.
Make sure they have
the pictures going in the
right direction before
they glue.
Also, make sure
that glue is
placed around
the cut out or
the pop up
section will get
stuck together.
Summary of Pop Up Book Pages
Page 1- Setting
Describe the setting in a paragraph.
Page 2- Character Analysis
Write a paragraph about Matt’s character
traits. Cite examples from the novel.
Page 3- Problem/Solution
Describe one of the problems that Matt
faces in Chapters 3-5 & explain how he
resolves it.
• Page 4- Character Analysis
Write a paragraph about Attean’s character
traits. Cite examples from the story.
• Page 5- Problem/Solution
Describe the problem that Matt & Attean
face in chapter 15. How does the solution
change the relationship between the boys?
• Page 6- Setting
Compare/contrast the setting of the Indian
Village to Matt’s home.
• Page 7- Character Analysis
Describe how Attean has changed at
the end of Chap 22. Cite examples..
Page 8 – Problem/Solution
Describe how Matt has changed at the
end of Chap 24.
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