Understand requirements for a specific media production

Understand requirements for a
specific media production
What your report or audio visual
presentation should contain:
• To get a high grade you must:
• D1 comprehensively explain and present to a
quality that reflects near-professional
standards fully detailed requirements and
sources of requirements for a specific media
What do we mean by requirements
and sources of requirements?
What are requirements?
Requirements are what you need to produce a magazine i.e. personnel,
equipment, material, software etc.
What are sources of requirements?
Sources are where will you find your requirements i.e. where you would source
equipment or contributors to talk about sport, or where will you source models for
your photo shoot
Requirements and sources of requirements are often linked together i.e. to make
any production you have to complete pre-production paperwork before you create
a product and in this process you will identify both the requirements and how you
will source these requirements. For instance, to book models you would have to
use a production schedule to plan the shoot, get location consent forms (why?),
use risk assessments (why?). You would also book equipment (why) and then you
would use call sheet (why) based on your production schedule to book actors and
Overview of the report
• Your report or audio visual presentation should explain the three stages of
production process
• Pre-production paperwork: what they are (pass) and why they are
important to your production) i.e. what is the purpose of a risk
assessment or production schedule use examples (merit +).
• Production process: what are the requirements needed for production
and sources of requirements i.e. personnel, materials, contributors,
locations, finance.
• Post-production process :what equipment or materials or talent do you
need to edit your magazine?
• Sources: Where are you going to source this information from?
• Always explain each requirement and why you are using these
requirements, link this back to industry or legal practices i.e. copyright,
health and safety, PCC or ASA.
• Use the following slide headings to help you:
• Examples. What job roles do you need to
complete your task, how will this help you to
create your magazine? What are these jobs
i.e. what does a sub editor do? What are the
skills and experience you would need, how
much would this cost?
• Sources: How and where will you source these
• Examples e.g. original materials, archive and
library materials, photo-library materials, sound
library internet, graphics, interviews, costumes
• Size of paper
• Pictures: copyright protected or original material?
• Ink cartridges
• Sources: where can you source these from?
• Who will you need to contribute and why?
e.g. specialists, experts, talent or public
• Sources: where will you find these people are
they available?
• e.g. production equipment, post-production
• Sources: where will you source these?
• Locations: identify where they are carry out
recces; carry out risk assessments
• Budget: what are the requirements, e.g.
equipment, transport, talent, crew, materials,
facility hire how are you going to source this
and how much will it cost?
Codes of practice and regulation
• model releases, location permissions; legal
requirements e.g copyright, health and safety
• Insurance, e.g. public liability,
• Regulatory bodies, Press Complaints
Commission (PCC), Advertising Standards
Authority (ASA), National Union of Journalists
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