Setting - Edublogs

The Lord Of the Rings
Percy Jackson: The
Lightning Thief
Conflict: Human vs. Society
Setting the Scene: The house in the morning and the
newspaper rounds.
Climax: When Jud dies and the scene with the mother at
the house.
Falling Action: On the train to Thornton and the farm
Climax 2 : When Billy sees the nest full of Kestrels.
Falling Action: When he decides to train one of them.
Bradford, England- The Newspaper Shop, Billy’s
House, The Train Station and the Hill overlooking
the Pit
Thornton, England- Mr. Brown’s farm and Mr.
Breekin’s farm
Protagonist: Billy Casper- poor, small, 15 years old,
thief, neglected, uneducated
Antagonist: Jud- mean, strong, powerf ul, bully,
Billy's brother
Mr. Green- nice, kind, happy, busy
Mr. Breekins- mean, harsh, sad, unfriendly
Mr. Brown/ Ms. Brown- nice, kind, helpful, smart
Ben Nodful- nice, loving, happy, fun, friendly
The story that I wrote is depressing but also uplifting.
It is a little bit depressing when Jud dies and the
mother decides to leave Billy and to go live with
her boyfriend.
It is uplifting when Billy finds the new job and when
he finds the nest full of kestrels and decides to train
one of them.
The story is focused on a 15 year old boy named
Billy and his adventures at that place and time.
My message to the reader is in every place and at
every time there is always hope.
For example: When Billy was going though all of those hard times
with his family, he fought through it all and it turned out well when he
got a job on a farm with nice people and had a chance to train another
Limited Omniscient: what the narrator knows and sees
is restricted to what one central character can know
and see. This limited perspective can explain things
differently from a first person point of view.
VSS: “No one answers.”, “He answers calmly.”
Simile: “The trees look like humongous broccoli.”
Onomatopoeia: “Smash!”
I first brainstormed ideas for my story, then I wrote a first
draft of my story and then I left it for a day and read it
again to see if the meaning was clear. I took out
sections that were repetitive and shortened some
sentences to achieve the word count.
My Mom helped me revise my story by changing
some spelling errors and helping me put commas in
the right place.
John Taghavi also read my story to give me some