The Farm Girl and the Milk

Olímpico J. Lozada Díaz
Brian Delgado Rivera
English Pre-Basic 0080
Prof. Jesús López
The fable is about a girl that milks and takes care of
the cows. She makes butter and cheese with the milk.
Her father rewards her good work giving her some of
the milk so she can sell it and buy herself something
nice. She was so distracted thinking of so many things
to do with the money she would obtain that she
tripped over a rock and lost all the milk as a result of
this she lost all her plans also.
You can makes plans with what you have but
you must be aware and don’t distract yourself, if
you are going to make your dream bigger you
can’t forget what’s in your hand and always look
 Word--- took (cogió)
 Line--- 1.2
 Definition--- To move someone or something
from one place to another.
 Line--- 1.9
 Definition---To give something to someone in
exchange for money.
 Line--- 1.10
 Definition--- To have something and not give it
back to the person who had it before.
 Line--- 2.1
 Definition---To begin doing something.
 Line--- 2.3
 Definition--- Something that you think of, think
about, or remember idea.
 Line--- 2.6
 Definition---To develop and become bigger over a
period of time.
 Line--- 2.6
 Definition--- A small number of things or people.
 Line--- 2.8
 Definition--- As big, as many, as far, as much, etc.
as necessary.
 Line--- 3.1
 Definition--- A long distance.
 Line--- 3.3
 Definition--- At an early stage of life or
 Line--- 3.5
 Definition--- Drop down toward the ground
 Line---4.1
 Definition--- An opinion about something, or an
attitude toward something.
 Line--- 2.2
 Definition--- A specially prepared hard surface for
vehicles to travel on.
 Line--- 4.2
 Definition--- To be sent or passed on.
 Line---1.2
 Definition--- An area of land used for raising
animals or growing crops.