Name _________________________
1. Use the clock below to show when you began your problems inside the store and when you
Starting time
Finishing time
2. How long were you involved in this activity? _________________
1. Find and list something in the store that is:
A, a square __________________________
B. a sphere __________________________
C. a rectangle _________________________
D. a cylinder _________________________
2. How many packages of hotdogs and buns would you need to serve 24 people? _____________
3. Measure the perimeter of a box of pancake mix to the nearest inch.
6. How much money would the consumer save if they purchased a half-gallon of milk instead of milk
by the quart?
(Information needed to solve the problem)
Half gallon equals _______ quarts
Price of half gallon of milk _____________
Price of a quart of milk ________________
5. Find the price of two items in the cookie aisle that has a combined total between $3.00 and $4.00.
6. Count the total number of check out cashiers that are open. ____________ Now count the total
number of people in all the lines. ______________ Include the people that are being checked out
while you are counting. What is the average number of consumers in line? _________________
7. Go to the freezer section at Publix. Pick 3 different ice cream flavors and 2 toppings. How many
different combinations can you make? Show the different combinations by making a “ tree diagram”.
8. Go to the produce section. Select ten different kinds of apples. What fraction and decimal of the
apples are:
red _____
yellow _____