Procurement Methods - University of Virginia

Procurement Types
Competitive Sealed
Standard; Construction
Phase Service Only
Select Bidders
On-Demand Invitation
for Bids
Select Bidders List
Competitive Negotiation
AE Contracts
Construction Competitive
Construction Manager at
Construction Manager
Construction Procurement Methods
The main types of procurements used at UVa are:
Competitive Sealed Bidding. Complete plans normally
required. Low responsive and responsible bid wins.
Bids solicited through an “Invitation for Bids (IFB)”
Competitive Negotiation. A contractor/construction
manager selection process that considers technical value along
with pricing. A negotiation phase is normal. This class of
procurement includes fixed price construction, Construction
Management (all options) and Design-Build contracts. Technical
and Price proposals are solicited through Requests for Proposals
Construction Management at Risk
Procurement strategy session:
The Project Manager should schedule a session with the
Division Director, Director FP&C, and the CFO to present the
recommendation for procurement and discuss options. Once
guidance has been obtained the Project Manager will prepare
and submit a Determinations & Findings to obtain formal
approval if anything other than competitive sealed bidding is
For capital projects this session should occur no later than the
schematic design stage.
There may be more than one session
Construction Management at Risk
Construction Management at Risk Types –
Management without design phase services
(100% documents) is Competitive Negotiation
Management – At Risk with Design Phase
Services – Single Owner Package
75% Technical – 25% Price Selection Factors
Management – At Risk with Design Phase
Services – Multiple Owner Packages (i.e. early site package)
75% Technical – 25% Price Selection Factors
Construction Management at Risk
Construction Management at Risk with
design phase services is the most
common procurement method at the
University of Virginia for capital projects.
Construction Management at Risk
Why use it?
very qualified construction expertise on the part of
the Construction Manager to:
cost estimating
Participate in Value Management
Perform constructability and coordination reviews
Provide scheduling support
Ability to award early construction packages to expedite
construction .
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