Healthy Heart Lesson

Healthy Heart Lesson
By: Stephanie Ray, Callie Sloan, and
Cydney Barnett
Standard 1: Students will
comprehend concepts
related to health promotion
and disease prevention to
enhance health.
• Kindergarten students
will identify healthy
Need to Know
• Where is your heart?
– If you put your hand like you are saying the pledge of allegiance
it is located behind your rib cage and to the left of the middle of
your chest.
• How big is your heart?
- If you ball your hand into a fist that is about the size
your heart.
• What is the heart?
- Your heart is a muscle that pumps (or pushes) blood
through the body.
Need to Know Cont…
• Your blood pumps through the blood vessels.
Those blood vessels are called arteries, veins,
and capillaries.
• As you grow and get bigger your heart gets
bigger to.
• Your ribs protect your heart from damages.
• Your heart is the most important organ in your
The students will be able to
locate their hearts and describe
the general function of the
Instructional Objectives
Students will be able to identify
the size and general location of
the heart.
Students will be able to identify
the heart muscle and describe,
in general terms, its basic
function of pumping blood
through the body.
Fantastic link on the basic
overview of the heart.
• It usually beats from 60 to 100 times per minute, but
can go much faster when necessary.
• It beats about 100,000 times a day, more than 30
million times per year, and about 2.5 billion times in
a 70-year lifetime.
• Your heart is always working for you, without you
even having to think about it.
• A doctor can hear your heart with a stethoscope
• It takes 1 minute for blood to circulate throughout
the whole body and back to the heart
Essential Skills
• There are three main things that you can do to keep
your heart healthy
• 1. Exercise Daily
• 2. Eat Healthy
• 3. Live Tobacco Free
• Its good to exercise and do activities such as running,
playing tennis, jumping rope, and playing basketball.
• Its good to eat healthy foods. All foods are healthy just
make sure you only eat small amounts of sugary and
fatty foods.
• Don’t smoke its bad for your heart and your lungs!