MMC PHO Practice Coaching Agreement

Practice Support
Service Agreement
Valerie Jackson,
Practice Improvement Advisor
MMC Physician-Hospital Organization
Portland, Maine
About Us
The MMC Physician-Hospital Organization is a notfor-profit that serves as a bridge between the
Community Physicians of Maine and Maine Medical
Center with the shared goal of delivering high quality,
cost effective healthcare to our communities.
Over 1000 physicians in 338 Practices
(125 Primary/213 Specialty)
Services include:
 Practice Support
 Redesign Services
 Primary and Specialty Care Coordination
 Behavioral HealthCare Program
 Contracting and Payer Relations
Redesign Services
Practice Coaching
 PCMH Coaching
 Targeted Interventions
 Educational Workshops
Practice Improvement
Advisors (2.0 FTE)
 Provider Relations Manager
(.3 FTE)
Need to Create a
Service Agreement
To define & clarify scope of
 To establish mutual expectations
 To determine initial length of
 To provide a mechanism for
service review
And perhaps most importantly….
To set the overall tone of the
coach-leader-practice relationship
Sample Agreement
Use & Results
Rolled out in early spring 2011
 Currently using with 6 of the
16 practices we are actively
 Coaches find it very helpful,
particularly in the initial
 Leaders like the clarity and the
list of services “helps us to
focus on what you can do vs.
what you can’t do for us”
Next Steps
Continue to solicit feedback
from practices
 Revisit contract vs. agreement
 Consider adding to list of
 Consider adding specific
component to ensure
leader/coach meetings
Contact Info:
Valerie Jackson, Practice Improvement Advisor 207-482-7077