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MMC Espresso Bar
Yuiko Aoki
Minami Murayama
Mayu Onuki
January 11th, 2011
About MMC Espresso Bar
Communication styles
Religious/ethnic differences
Work practices & work space
Suggestion for interviews
Study training
About MMC
Espresso Bar
Communication Styles
<American Staff>
 Result is good
 Honest
 More words better
 Express your idea
 Self explanatory
<Japanese Staff>
 Hou-Ren-Sou
 “Yes man”
 Vague
 Read between the
Religious/Ethnic Differences
Sensitivity to religious or ethnic differences
We are flexible to religious and national
holidays such as Christmas, O-Bon(お盆),
Chinese New Year, etc.
Work Practices & Work Space
Differences between Japanese and
foreign work practices and the
organization of work space
Cubicle work spaces
Leave office at 17:00p.m. sharply
No work on weekends and no overwork
Free dress code
Suggestion For Interviews
How to make the best impression at an
interview with a Western interviewer
Eye contact
Do not be vague
Punctuality, be on time
“Thank You” and letters
Dress codes
Study Training
How to be aware of the various meanings
that touch, posture and gesture, timing
and pace, tone of voice, facial expressions,
and eye contact have for people of
different culture
We will hold a study training at the
beginning of the year
Please log-in to our website and we will
give out employment notice
Thank You For Listening!