Depth of Knowledge

April 10, 2013
 Given a presentation on Webb’s Depth of Knowledge
(DoK), I will be able to
 Compare/Contrast DoK to Bloom’s Taxonomy
 Discuss examples of various leveled activities
 Determine the level of the example in my selected
contact area
 What you already know about Bloom’s Taxonomy and
Webb’s Depth of Knowledge.
 What are the differences between the two?
 How do you implement higher-order thinking skills
(Bloom) or Levels 3 and 4 of DoK (Webb) in your
Depth of Knowledge
 Video Clip:
Depth of Knowledge
 Level 1:
 Level 2:
Skills and Concepts
 Level 3:
Strategic Thinking
 Level 4:
Extended Thinking
DoK vs. Bloom
Four Corners Activity
 Select 1 activity
 Determine the level
 Move to that corner
 Discuss your activity and why you chose the level
Exit Slip
 Complete exit slip and exchange it for a DoK gift