Global Contexts and Design Cycle

Global Contexts
Week 9
• SWBAT determine the global context through which
to focus their Personal Project on.
• Upcoming dates: Second Evidence Check due
11/14 in ELO
What are the Global Contexts?
• Identities and relationships
• Orientation in space and time
• Personal and cultural expression
• Scientific and technical innovation
• Globalization and sustainability
• Fairness and development
Why are the Global
Contexts important?
• Help to understand independent and shared inquiry
(questioning) into our lives as humans and the relationship
with the planet or globe.
• You must choose one global context that describes why your
Personal Project matters
• The choice of your global context will shift the perspective of
your project (see example)
Personal Project Example
Topic: Rap as a music genera
Global context
Identity and relationships
Examine the question, “Why
does rap speak to me?”
Explore the development of
Orientation in space and time rap as a style of music across
Personal and cultural
Perform a rap song for peers
and have a question-andanswer session
Process Journal Write
• In a paragraph, identify one global context
to describe why your Personal Project
• Think about:
• What do you want to achieve through your
personal project?
• What do you want others to understand?
• What impact do you want your project to
• How can you give a specific context to give
greater purpose to your project?