DVD and Release Poster Analysis

DVD and Release Poster Analysis
Thriller films
Tagline – ‘killer’ signifies that there will be a typical
murderer/victim scenario.
Text is white so it stands out on the black
background – connotes innocence
Title is positioned so it looks like this hidden face is
saying it, this shows he is the protagonist.
Half his face is hidden to add mystery and show how
his character may be concealed/hidden in the film.
Black and white filter used on the main image
contrasts to the orange/bright filter in the binoculars
to illustrate that this is where the action/excitement
is happening.
Binoculars are a prop that fits the thriller genre as it
signifies secrecy/mystery.
Dark figure - suggests he's the villain.
Masked killer with knife - typical iconography for
thriller film.
Disturbia – the title is a cross of the words ‘disturb’
and ‘suburbia’ which reveals to the audience where
its set and implies that a disturbance will occur which
fits the thriller genre.
Font of title looks like its been written using a
typewriter which were dated back to World War 2. This
war theme suggests an aspect of the narrative where
two forces are in battle: the villain and the protagonist.
Binoculars pointed straight at audience – this
device is used to entice their target audience.
The movies tagline ‘someone is missing’ is used to create mystery
and raise the question; who is missing?
The main image is of Leonardo Dicaprio surrounded by darkness
with nothing but a match for light which gives a sense he is lost
in the darkness.
Leonardo Dicaprio is a well known film star so is
positioned in the centre of the poster to appeal to
the audience as he is easily recognisable. Also shows
he is the protagonist.
It shows the iconography of a psychological thriller film as
Leonardos face seems puzzled as if he trying to work
something out.
The main image is multi layered with an image of an
island and a faded image of what appears to be a
building. Raises the question; is this Shutter Island?
Title suggests the film is about an island which implies seclusion.
The word ‘shutter’ suggests something is shut away here.
Red font signifies there is violence present on the island.
Rain is a code to suggest it is a thriller film as most thriller/horror
film climaxes are set during a storm.
The red font and orange glow of the lit match contrasts against
a grey/blue filter over the rest of the poster. These dull
colours suggest a mysterious/dangerous atmosphere.
Credits are almost unreadable which shows they are trying to
advertise the film, the star, and the date (red font). Release date
is October which gives implications of a thriller film as its
released near Halloween.
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