Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CS, CS2, CS3

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CS, CS2,
Dr. Pelham Mead, Ed.D.
Course Syllabus, Rules, and Policies -NYIT
Welcome to Adobe Photoshop CS, CS2 and CS3
online at NYIT
Hi everyone,
I have taught Photoshop many times before
beginning at SUNY Rockland Community
College in MAC format. I wrote the course
syllabus for another Introduction to Photoshop
at the College of Mount Saint Vincent where I
was the Director of the Teacher Center and an
Adjunct Professor in the Communication
Department. I taught 4 sessions over 5 years
while I was there. I then took Introduction to
Adobe Photoshop a step higher with the new
CS2 series and the CS3 series at St. Johns
University where I taught this software
program to the faculty in the various colleges o
the Queens Campus.
This is a project orientated Course
“You get one assignment a week and you have one week
to return the assignment via e-mail for grading. Do not
fall behind on the assignments since some of the projects
build on skills from a previous
Online discussion
I will post questions for discussion on
Blackboard for you to respond to. Everyone is
required to respond. Occasionally, there will be
an actual quiz in the discussion are which you
are to answer within one day and send the
answer back to me via e-mail or the Blackboard
lockbox where you can upload a document via
If the answers come in after the deadline they
will not be graded, leaving you with a zero. Be
punctual and respond to the quizzes
immediately so I can tell whether you have
learned any of the concepts behind the skills in
each project.
The e-chat area in blackboard is seldom used
but I will give it a try early in the course to
answer any online questions you may have.
Read the Syllabus
Each Week you will have
one or more projects
assignments to complete
and hand in at your next
class. This will be 50% of
your course grade.
25% Attendance,
punctuality and class
25% Final Exam Project
If you miss a class and have
a Doctor’s note for
sickness you can make up
the missed work. Check
blackboard for the
project you missed and
see me after class so I
can explain how to do the
Hope you enjoy the cours Thanks…..Dr. Mead