Memphis Virtual School

Administrator's In-Service
Cleon L. Franklin
[email protected]
(901) 493-7820
Increased Virtual School Offerings
The Memphis Virtual School provides all students in
grades 6th-12th, as well as adult learners, access to 183
online classes for new coursework, credit recovery, or
extended year.
Students can enroll:
 As Full-Time Students
 As Part-Time Students Taking Additional Coursework
 As Blended Students During the Traditional School Day
Learning Management System
All students have access to:
An active learning interface using Blackboard, Blackboard Mobile,
Blackboard Collaborate, and MediaSite
All SCS instructional technology software
The Tennessee electronic library
Electronically filtered & human monitored e-mail
Social networking tools, grade level appropriate educational gaming,
open source document/spreadsheet/presentation creation, digital storage
lockers, for peer-to-peer collaboration and virtual study groups
Instructional videos from Khan Academy and MediaSite
17 museums through the Google Art Project
Supplemental learning opportunities through the SCS extended day
• All courses offer traditional and accelerated paths
• Students can log into courses from mobile devices
• Virtual courses provide a comprehensive catalog of
Honors/Advanced Placement, Industry Certification, S.T.E.M.,
Foreign Language, and credit recovery courses to all students in
grades 6th-Adult Education at absolutely no cost to parents
Accelerated Plan
Year 1
Semester 1
Year 2
Semester 2
Semester 1
Semester 2
English I
English II
English III
English IV
Algebra II
Environmental Science
World Geography Health
U. S. History
Art History
French I
Web Design I
Web Design II
French II
Computer Applications
Quarter 1
Personal Finance
Quarter 2
Physical Education
Quarter 3
Quarter 4
U.S. Government
Student Registration
• Students can register for courses by using the Memphis Virtual
School Course Request Form or the online course listing can be
added to existing school registration forms.
• Once course requests are received, the Professional School
Counselor, (or Principal designee) will request courses in the SMS
• Students will be scheduled in the MVS database, Blackboard login
credentials will be created, and a verification list will be sent to
schools to correct any errors.
• Students have ten (10) schools days from the date of course
activation to drop an online course.
• After course activation, a student has ten (10) days to login to each
course. Failure to do so will result in the student being
administratively dropped from the course.
Progress Monitoring
• The Learner Management System Advisor will send the status of
every student taking online courses to the building principal
weekly beginning Tuesday, August 20th.
• Principals can log into Blackboard at any time using the
Blackboard credentials that will be mailed on Friday, August 9th.