Using Omega Zones
A: Low Gospel Access
B: Medium Gospel Access
C: High Gospel Access
Adopt a zone(s) for prayer
Adopt a zone(s) for outreach
Gather information for whichever zone you
visit on outreach
Track every place you go and every thing
you do
You can choose an Omega Zone using:
 Google Earth file (http://4kworldmap.com/maps/)
 Online Interactive Map (www.4kworldmap.com)
 Prayer on a floor map
Commit to pray for that zone once a week, or
once a day
Stay informed on the current events of that
zone as often as you can
Make as much of an effort to reach as much
of the zone as possible
Stay informed on the current events of that
zone as often as you can
Whether you visit one city or 10 cities in the
zone, make an effort to document what types
of outreaches or ministries would benefit the
zone in the long-run
Fill out an Omega Zone Survey for each zone
you visit (http://4kworldmap.com/tools/)
Before Leaving
 Encourage the team to learn as much as they can about the
Omega Zone (this would also aid in prayer times)
 Unreached People Groups? Languages spoken? Political or
ethnic conflict? History? Geography? Availability of the Gospel?
Cultural facts?
 Check our 4K Interactive Map for info by clicking on the Omega
Zone you’ll be visiting (http://4kworldmap.com/map/)
During Outreach
 Collect information on the basic physical and spiritual needs of
the Omega Zones that are visited (for long-term use)
 The easiest way to do this is to download an Omega Zone
Survey (see previous page) and fill it out
4K Tracker
 Using the 4K Tracking software, you can track
where you’ve gone and what you’ve done
 This information will then be put into a larger
database that will be used for future teams
Omega Zone Survey
 Submit a completed survey, or any other type of
research you’ve done, to the 4K Interactive Map
once you’ve returned
Be a 4K Registered User!
Go to 4kworldmap.com
Click on Interactive Map
Click on Sign In
Click on Sign Up
Submit Information
You won’t be registered until you answer the security
questions email, so keep a close eye on your email
box!! (Email us if you do not receive the security
questions: [email protected])
Once you’ve registered, you can upload all your
information to the 4K Interactive Map yourself
GPS Tracker
 If you have a GPS device (unit or camera), you can
certainly track the places you’ve gone
 Our 4K Interactive Map stores KML or KMZ
Google maps files, so register to the map if you’d
like to add your point and pictures to an Omega
 Email us the final GPS files if you don’t mind us
using them in trainings and seminars!
Always value the feelings of the individual more
than the information you’re trying to collect
 Don’t be nosy, be caring
 Be a question-asker, but don’t think you’ll
remember everything from memory…write it
down as soon as you have a free moment!
 If you’re in a restricted nation, be
discerning…your safety, and the safety of the
people living there, is more important to us than
the research!