Dear fellow Fraternity/Sorority members,

Dear fellow Fraternity/Sorority members,
On behalf of the Order of Omega, we would like to sincerely invite you to apply for membership in
our organization. The Order of Omega is a national honor society for upper-class members of social
fraternities and sororities. There are several hundred chapters at colleges and universities around North
Order of Omega has been a driving force in the evolution of Greeks since its formation at the
University of Miami in 1959. It focuses on scholarship, leadership, and the overall improvement of the
campus and community. Here at Lenoir-Rhyne University, Order of Omega will establish its presence on
campus, and will build upon this through its initiation of dedicated members. Academics, leadership, and
scholarship are the foundation of our organization, but it is the participation of members that carries the
heaviest load of Order of Omega. In consideration of your application, please be mindful of your upcoming
commitments. If accepted, we ask that you attend monthly meetings and other sponsored events throughout
the semester.
At Lenoir-Rhyne University, our vision is to have Order of Omega become a rapidly growing Greek
Honor Society through its membership and involvement. As we begin with our first initiated group, we will
strive to develop and coordinate sessions that introduce many different components of Greek life to new
members and pledges from the IFS, Panhellenic, and NPHC councils, develop activities for Greek members,
and program the Greek Life Annual Award Ceremony. Our goal is to become a strong, active force for
Greek Life at LRU.
The applications are reviewed by a point system, which can be located in Article 8, Section 4 of our
constitution. Our constitution can be found online at Please be sure to refer to the
constitution, and any further questions can be directed to [email protected]
Every year we induct 3% of the Fraternity/Sorority members into Order of Omega, and we certainly
hope that you will apply for this distinguished honor. All applications must be returned to the Student Life
office by October 30 at 12:00p.m. with an attached resume. If selected for membership, you will be notified
by November 6, 2105, and initiation ceremony will be November 23, 2015. Initiation includes a one-time
only payment of $60.00 for dues and your pin. Good luck and we look forward to seeing your application.
Jodi Jabs
Director of Student Activities
[email protected]
PO Box 7543
Hickory, NC 28603
“The qualifications for membership in The Order shall be character,
scholarship and intelligence, service and leadership in the inter-Greek affairs
of their institutions.”
1. One full academic year of residence in the institution where elected.
2. At least 60 credit-hours completed at an accredited college or university.
3. Cumulative GPA must be above a 3.15.
4. Be in good standing with your fraternal organization.
This application along with an attached resume must be physically dropped off October 30 at 12:00p.m in
the Student Activities office, Cromer Center 215B along with an attached resume. Late applications will be
rejected. This application must be typed in 12 pt. Times New Roman font with black ink. Please contact Jodi
Jabs at [email protected] with any questions regarding this application. Thank you.
Fraternal Affiliation:
Preferred Email Address:
Expected Graduation Date:
School Address:
Permanent Address:
Cell Phone Number:
Academic Excellence
1. What is your current cumulative GPA?
2. How many credits have you earned (not including fall 2015 credits)?
3. Have you made Deans List while an undergraduate? If so, which semesters?
4. Please list any academic awards/ scholarships you have earned at the Lenoir-Rhyne University.
Leadership Development
5. List any participation you have in campus organizations (e.g. CAB, honor societies etc.), internships,
or employment on campus.
6. List any leadership positions you have held in your time as an undergraduate both on and off campus
(e.g. Chapter Treasurer, Resident Assistant, etc.). Please note if any of these positions were on an
executive board.
7. List any leadership development opportunities you’ve attended (e.g. UIFI, etc.).
8. List any awards you’ve earned as an undergraduate (in Greek Life, academics and other
Community Service
9. Please list any community service you have done in the past calendar year with total volunteered time
listed per program.
For example, if you participated in a weekly Community Outreach program in fall 2013, you would
write: Hickory Middle School Tutoring, Spring 2013, (5 hrs per week, 75 hours total.)
Please note: involvement in philanthropies does not count towards your induction into the Order of
Omega. Only list non-philanthropic community service you participated in.
Please provide two letters of recommendation that prove your scholarship endeavors and involvement
within your chapter.
I hereby declare, upon my initiation into Order of Omega, that I will fully dedicate myself to the
organization’s efforts and its members. Should I leave my commitments to the Order of Omega unfulfilled I
acknowledge my membership will be subject to re-evaluation.