Cross-curriculum Competencies and

Cross-curricular Competencies
Competency Indicators
Engaging with Education Partners
Spring, 2014
Inspiring Education:
The Journey Begins
Engaged Thinker
Ethical Citizen
Inspiring Education:
Policy Shifts
Ministerial Order on Student Learning
Competency-focused Curriculum
What is a
Cross-curricular Competency?
An interrelated set of attitudes, skills and knowledge
Applied in appropriate contexts for
successful living and learning
Applied from K-12 across all
subject/discipline areas
Why cross-curricular competencies?
Growth of the whole child
A student-centred approach
Personalized learning
Support teacher decision making
Provide consistency across subject/discipline areas
and in assessing and reporting
Cross-curricular Competencies
Know how to learn
Think critically
Identify and solve complex problems
Manage information
Cross-curricular Competencies
f) Create opportunities
g) Apply multiple literacies
h) Demonstrate good communication skills and work
cooperatively with others
i) Demonstrate global and cultural
f) Identify and apply career and life skills
Think of a time when you were faced with a
challenging task or project.
What personal
resources and
strategies did you draw
Which of the 10 cross-curricular competencies
did you apply and develop?
Sample Learning Experience Scenario
Learning Experience Scenario:
Your community is planning to build a new recreation
centre and is looking for residents of the area to share
ideas. You have the opportunity to offer your
suggestions to the planning committee. Think about
the activities you would like to do at the centre.
Research what other communities offer at their
recreation centres. Considering the needs and interests
of your community, select a format that will best
communicate your ideas to the planning committee.
Use your research to support your ideas.
Select 3
Cross-curricular Competencies
1. Select 2-3 cross-curricular
competencies that might
be applied or developed
within the sample learning
2. Record the competencies
on the template.
What is a
Competency Indicator?
Competency indicators are expectations
(attitudes, skills, knowledge)
that describe behaviours
(emotions, thoughts and actions)
that students demonstrate
(ideas, processes, products and values)
in their continued growth within a competency.
Cross-curricular Competency
Indicators Model
Providing Feedback
Your thoughts matter!
1. The set of indicators for this element reflects a
progression from lower-order to higher-order behaviours.
When providing feedback, please identify the indicator
number where appropriate.
2. Each indicator for this element supports the application
and development of the competency within
subject/discipline contexts. When providing feedback,
please identify the indicator number where appropriate.
Providing Feedback
Your thoughts matter!
Each indicator for this element supports cognitive,
affective and psychomotor/behaviour growth of the
student. When providing feedback, please identify the
indicator number where appropriate.
4. The examples illustrate how a competency may be
demonstrated at the indicator level. When providing
feedback, please identify the indicator number where
appropriate. We encourage you to provide additional
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Concluding Discussion:
How do you envision using
these cross-curricular
competencies in your
classroom, school or
jurisdiction in the future?
Thank you!
CDMA Feedback closing date: November 14th , 2014
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