Approaches to Parent education

Earliest Learning - Sajag in Rajnandgaon
Conference on Early Learning
New Delhi . Sept 26, 2013
The Rajnandgaon Process
• Attempt to embed learning about child
development in a relatively large number of
village residents for long term sustainability.
• Use of “mindful cascade” in at least a part of
the project.
• Attempt to involve multiple government
departments to address the child’s needs in
an integrated manner.
Convergence of Govt. Departments
• Good experiences at the field level
• People from different departments learnt
from each other and conversations began that
otherwise wouldn’t have
• Health and WCD have both gotten interested
in introducing the ideas in their respective
• Convergence at policy and strategy level still a
Embedding Knowledge Locally
• Excellent experience with the Master Trainers
and Village Communicators
• Training processes brought their personal
experiences of child-rearing into focus
• Several have become evangelists for the ideas
• Most are influential locally so the programme
could transform communities
• Contextualisation of materials a challenge and
deep learning for us
Mindful Cascade
Training process incorporated
– Several rounds of short training sessions to ensure
comprehension, retention and transmission
– Connecting trainees’ personal experiences with
ideas taught and on-going reflection on field
– Emphasis on planning
– Modelling and supportive supervision at each
level of the cascade
Future Directions
• CLR / UNICEF involvement in Rajnandgaon will
come to an end in March 2014.
• SHRC, Chhattisgarh has decided to incorporate
the ideas in their annual state-wide Mitanin
training programme
• SHRC, Chhattisgarh has also asked CLR to
provide support for Fulwaris being set up in 85
blocks in the state by working in a lab of 50
Future Directions
• WCD, Maharashtra and Rajmata Jijau Health
and Nutrition Mission, Maharashtra have
expressed interest in incorporating the ideas
in their programmes