Rivers and Weather

River Morphology/Weather Training
TOPS Algonquin Expedition
Depth Profile
Flow rates (with Probe Technicians)
Images (with Imaging Technician)
Encoding data on FDS
Weather Observations
• With measure with ‘throw’ at location of the dotted line
• Along same line profile is to be made.
Depth Profile
River Cross-section
• Measure profile depths by hand or use the UHT
• Go out as far as it is safe to do so.
• If you can cross go in from both sides
• x should be the same for each division
Velocity Profile (Flow Rates)
x – same as in depth
Measure velocity at same location as depth
was measured. WCVx1 …WCVX10
Co-ordination with other technicians
• Images of the water
course at the crosssection site.
• Bed and Bank Images
• Drawings
– Provide assistance to
• Image and such like
are to be taken by the
trained technician, but
you need to tell them
where these images
need to be taken and to
make sure that it has
been done.
Encoding River Data on FDS1
Water Course Depth
at x1 – in metres
with an implied
decimal point
between the two
x – in metres with an
implied decimal point
between the two digits
Water Course Speed at X8 –
in metres per second (ms-1)
with an implied decimal
between the two digits.
Use a medium point “sharpie” type marker draw in the
segments required to form the number that your data
requires. You MUST stay on the fine grey lines when
doing so. You will be marked on the ability of the AHP
computer program to read your scans.
Weather Observations
Cloud Type (CT) – Types on code key
Cloud Cover (CC) – 0, 10, 20, …, 90%
Precipitation (PCP) – Type codes on code key
Wind Speed (WS) – in ms-1 – integer units only
Wind Direction (WD) – From table in code key
Local Time
(24 hr clock)