NIC Spring 2013
Mindful Teaching Opening
1. On a typical 12-key pad for a mobile phone
which key displays the letter “s”?
#7 key
2. What letters are displayed on the #1 key?
0 key
3. On that same key pad, how many keys
have 4 letters displayed? 2 keys—
#7 and #9
4. Does the number sign appear on the left or
the right side of the 0 key? Right side
of 0 key
3.On that same key pad, which 4 keys do not
display any letters?
#1 key, * key, 0 key and # key
Mindful Teaching Pro is designed to help instructors
pay attention to the details of teaching as they develop
new teaching skills related to their professional
BETA testing
Subject Matter Experts at NIC workshops
Education and Technology
Program Overview
Mindful Teaching Pro leads to:
 Professional
 Entry-level
 Support
licensure success
from connecting with
professionals working in the same
Areas of Study
1: Answering the Call – Mindful Teaching and You
Supports the personal connections of
being an instructor.
Areas of Study
2: Brain Basics and Learning
Helps make instruction brain-compatible,
or as productive as possible.
Areas of Study
3: Preparing to Teach
Shows how to prioritize content and plan
lessons in advance, so best conditions for
learning exist.
Areas of Study
4: Classroom Management
Teaches that learning happens
where respect and cooperation are
the rule rather than the exception.
Areas of Study
5: Instructional Methods
Emphasizes that teaching is the art of
assisting discovery.
Areas of Study
5: Instructional Methods (cont’d.)
Areas of Study
6: Assessing Learner Progress
Promotes the idea that students who know
where they stand take responsibility for
their own learning.
Areas of Study
7: The Art of Teaching
Presents the idea that the mediocre teacher
tells, the good teacher explains, the
superior teacher shows, and the mindful
teacher inspires.
Program Components
Exam Ace: Helps students succeed on the
written professional licensure exam
7 Unit Exams with 50 questions
on each assessment
Show proof of knowing information,
6 Final Practice Exams with 100
questions on each exam;
content aligned with national testing
Allow practice of sample exams
found within each area of study
How to Use Mindful Teaching Pro
Video Presentation