Virtual Design | CATIA Mechanical Design

Virtual Design | CATIA Composites Engineering
Productive process oriented environment dedicated to the design of composite parts from
preliminary to engineering detailed design
- Grid based design for structures of large
The potential that composites offer is often spoiled by tedious
tasks. Composites manufacturing constraints cannot be taken
into account in the conceptual stage.
composite parts
Zones & transition zones modeling definition
Powerful plies generation from grid/zones &
taper or zones and solid slicing
Mighty ply modeling tools based on 3D
Solid/Top surface/Inner Mold Line
generation from zones and plies
Early manufacturing assessment
High fiber simulation tools
Complete inspection tools
- Flexible preliminary design approaches to
get plies tailored to each type of intended
- Automation and quick design change with
zones modeling
- Capture specifications and analysis context
at preliminary design stage
- Respect company's standards