Friday, May 11, 2012
1. Finish The Weirdo: page 274 – 289
2. Complete Book 4 Questions
Book 4 Questions
Does Truesdale think Sam is right about a connection between Alvin
Howell and Tom Telford’s disappearance?
– No
How does Sam feel about the hunters and the proposed ban?
– Torn: wants to help Chip but knows Dad is against it. After seeing mother bear
with cubs, she is for the ban
What did Sam do when she found Henry in her father’s trap?
– Called Chip, gave Henry stew & water, talked to him
How did Chip react to Sam’s father when he ordered them to move aside
from the bear?
– Stood over Henry & refused
Why didn’t some people in the swamp like Tom Telford?
– Believed he would suggest extending hunting ban
When they heard the gun fire into their home. What did Chip and his
father do?
– Hid under window, waited for almost an hour, talked about Europe & plans for
Who did Sam sit with at the hunter’s meeting?
– Parents at beginning, then moved to sit with Chip during dad’s speech
What did Sam remember when she was hypnotized?
– Brown Ford truck
Book 4 Questions
9. Who spoke at the hunter’s meeting?
– Stu Sanders, Lew Petracca, 2 others in favor of hunting, Sam
Sanders (sort of), and Chip Clewt
10. How was Chip received at the meeting?
– Booed, called names, angry shouting that drowned out his
11. Who turned in Buddy Bailey? Why?
– Jack Slade, Buddy did not give Jack bear steaks he promised him
12. How did Sam’s aunt and uncle react when they saw Buck?
– Upset, “brokenhearted,” “We’d a been better boarding him”
13. What did the committee from the Fish and Wildlife
Commission decide concerning the moratorium on
hunting and fishing in the swamp?
– Extend hunting ban for bears for 5 more years in the Powhatan
– Allow deer hunting in the Powhatan
Friday, May 11, 2012
1. Sequence handout
– Complete and Turn in
2. Complete Pro/con Hunting T-chart
3. Evaluating What You Read
– Place in Notebook when done
4. Book 4 Discussion Questions
– Answer in complete sentences
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