I am developing my awareness of how money is used and can

Chatelherault Primary School Nursery Class
Bouncy Castle Fundraiser
An enterprising approach to developing skills for learning, skills for
life and skills for work.
Skills: developing confidence in talking to others, handling money,
using a timer, ensuring safety,
At the January Parent Forum meeting, parents suggested that we
linked our Castles theme with a fundraising event.
We decided to hire a Bouncy Castle.
The Nursery children helped to plan and organise the event.
The Nursery children were given responsibilities on the day.
• Counting money
• Counting children on/off
• Recognising 3 minute
• Taking on roles and
• Assisting with planning
and organisation of
• Talking to older children
and adults in large and
small groups.
• Asking questions and
responding to others.
• Ensuring safety rules are
in place.
Enterprise in the Nursery
Testing out the Castle
We had to make sure that:
• Mats were placed
around the castle.
• Shoes were taken off
• Up to 10 children only
were on the castle.
• Adults were there to
help us to keep safe.
Up to 10 people on the Castle!
We collected £1 from each pupil.
We had to collect £1.
We got 50 p, 20 p,
10p to add up to £1.
I am developing my awareness of how
money is used and can recognise and
use a range of coins.
MNU 0-09a
Mats made the castle safer to use.
The children in the
school enjoyed
the Bouncy
Shoes off / shoes on
We had to count up to 10! The other
children had to wait their turn.
We used a 3 minute timer for each
I am aware of how routines and events in my world
link with times and seasons, and have explored ways
to record and display these using clocks, calendars
and other methods.
MNU 0-10a
We drew while we kept an eye on the
3 minute timer.
I have begun to develop a sense of how long tasks take
by measuring the time taken to complete a range of
activities using a variety of timers.
MNU 1-10c
We gave everyone a sticker and said ‘Thank You’
for coming to the Bouncy Castle.
We talked to the
children and
teachers. We
asked them
The stickers were very popular. They helped us to talk
to others about the activity and about themselves.
Representing my class, school and/or wider community encourages
my self-worth and confidence and allows me to contribute to and
participate in society.
HWB 0-12a
We played with balls while we waited.
Good shot Jack!
We had to wait our turn
and we thought of ways
to have fun whilst we
Some of the other
children were collecting
money, giving out
stickers, using the timer
and asking questions.
More Bouncing!
We were allowed to
bounce for 3 minutes
at a time.
Everyone had fun.
Through contributing my views, time and talents, I play a part in bringing about positive change in my
school and wider community.
HWB 0-13a
I value the opportunities I am given to make friends and be part of a group in a range of situations.
HWB 0-14a
We talked to the school children and asked them if they
had fun. We gave them questions to answer.
As I listen and talk in different
situations, I am learning to take
turns and am developing my
awareness of when to talk and when
to listen.
LIT 0-02a / ENG 0-03a
When I engage with others, I know
when and how to listen, when to
talk, how much to say, when to ask
questions and how to respond with
LIT 1-02a
Mrs Livingston in the office is putting the money
in the bank. It will help to pay for our Nursery
Well done everyone!
The children could appreciate that
sometimes 3 minutes seemed longer
than other. Time appeared to be
quick when they were busy.
The children grew more confident in
giving others instructions as they
familiarised themselves with the
Parent helpers and teachers were
very positive about the children’s
involvement and encouraged them to
be ‘in charge’.
Most children were very patient
while waiting, watching and taking
turns. Some children were very pro
active in talking to the customers
about the event.
Working in pairs/trios helped the less
confident children participate
particularly when talking to
‘strangers’. Repeating common
phrases helped shyer children – e.g.
Please wait in the bench, please take
your shoes off, thank you for coming.
The children soon recognised that
the donations were increasing their
funds as the coin tub became heavier.
Lots of discussion revolved around
the various ways to total £1.
The children used the timetable to
recognise which class was due next.
They recognised some of the children
and teachers from previous visits
with the timetable.