Powerpoint: Castles - Thompson Middle School

The Parts
of a
By Jeanine Reeman,
Brianne Dwyer, and
Cristina Trezza
The Main Idea
A castle had one or more courtyards. Along the
inside of the courtyard walls were the main rooms in
buildings. Everyone ate near the great hall. Others
things such as stables, workshops, and extra rooms
were found in buildings farther away from the great
hall. However castles were not just buildings, they
were also fortresses during war.
Why Some Towers
Were Round
Square towers had weak corners
 Defenders could fire arrows from all directions
 Their importance for defense made them
extremely popular in the Middle Ages
Used for defensive purposes
Prevented undermining of the castle
Were either filled with water or stakes to make a
barrier for men and horses
Used for holding prisoners
In extreme cases used for torturing them
Murder Holes
Used for defensive purposes
Heavy stones, hot sand, boiling lead, and boiling tar
were dumped onto enemy soldiers as they passed
Holes in the ceilings of castle gate ways
The Drawbridge
Used for defensive purposes.
A wooden platform with one hinged side that
connected it to the castle and the other side was
raised with ropes or chains.
The Portcullis
Used for defensive purposes.
A heavy, spiked door hung from the gatehouse or
barbican ceiling.
The ropes could be cut quickly and it would fall
down, blocking the entrance of invaders.
Used for defense and attack.
Regular gaps built at the top of castles for
firing arrows.
The Gatehouse
Used for defense and attack purposes.
The entrance to the castle.
A fortified structure.
Might be defended by the barbican.
Used for defense attack purposes.
At the entrance of the castle, confining the enemy
in a thin passage.
The exterior passage leading to the main
entrance, the Gatehouse.
Contained Murder Holes, arrow slits, called death
Curtain Wall
Used for defense purposes.
The outer wall surrounded by the Motte and
Baily castles.
6-20 feet thick
45 feet high
1, 500 feet long
The Keep
Used for defense purposes.
Strongest place in the castle.
At first, keeps were square, but then they were
designed into a circular shape. This is because
square corners were vulnerable to attacks.