ACC Online Services and Online Registration

ACC Online Services
and Online Registration
Guess What? Telephone Registration Has
Gone Away...It Is Time To Go Online!
Yes, we know how you feel and we
are here to help. This guide will
help you navigate the online
registration process, or at least we
hope it will.
What you will find in this guide:
Part 1: Obtaining Your ACCeID
Part 2: Using Your ACCeID for the First Time
Part 3: Using Your ACCeID to Register and Access Online Services
Bonus: How to Read the Online Schedule
Part 1: Getting Your ACCeID
Click here: “For first
time ACCeID activation
or password change”
Click on “What’s My ACCeID”
Continue here
Enter All of Your Information
Enter all information
as it was entered on
the ACC application
Don’t forget to click Lookup when finished
Write Down Your ACCeID
The ACCeID will be displayed here.
Write it down in a safe place.
Click here after you get
your ACCeID
Part 2: Using Your ACCeID For the 1st Time
Enter the ACCeID
(t123456) then click
Verify Your Information
Read and Accept the Privacy Policy
Check the box then click
Create Your Own Password – Write it Down!
Create your
own password
then click
Don’t forget to
write it down in
a safe place!
Set-up ALL 3 Security Questions
Click on the link below and
answer ALL 3 security
LOGOUT When You Are Finished
When you are finished
If you want to continue to
registration you will need to go
back to online services
Part 3: Using Online Services & Registration
Go to::
Start Here
Log In to Your Account
Login Here
Enter Your ACCeID and Password
You were supposed to write them down or save them in your
phone, remember?
Your user ID is your ACCeID (ex: t1234567)
The password is one that you
previously created
Make sure you have your 5 digit synonym # handy!
Select the Express Register option
Enter Your 5 Digit Synonym # for Each Class
Enter the 5 digit synonym # for each class
When finished
click Submit
Look At the Information Carefully
All the class information for the synonyms
you entered are listed below. Verify that
the classes are correct then proceed.
If ALL classes are correct, select “Register” from the
dropdown menu then click submit, OR
You can also select individual classes by using the
drop-down menu next to the classes you want
Submit when finished
Review Your Classes and Check the Balance
Verify that the Classes are correct
Note the amount due
Click OK when finished
Bonus: How To Read The Online Schedule
To find classes and plan your semester go to:
The page displays the current or upcoming semester and the far left side provides links to other semesters.
You can filter classes by:
•Discipline (Subject)
•Campus (Where classes are offered)
• Instructor
•Other categories such as Distance Learning and Weekend College, etc.
After you filter your classes, you will see a list of courses in the following format.