Adding Documents to OnCourse

Adding Documents to OnCourse
Add a Document
Look for the Documents tab and click it.
Find your name
In the top left
corner, you will
see a folder
icon next to
your name.
Click to select
If you have already added files, you will see them here. You will also notice a list of
Options at the top – refresh, expand/collapse, delete, cut, copy, paste, add…
We will work with the “Add” option. Go ahead and click it!
When you first click add, another option appears. Now you must click “Add Document”.
That brings up this box.
Click on “Add File(s)”.
Add files
Click on the file.
Click Open.
A box appears for you to find your document. Once you locate it,
click on it and select “Open”.
Click “Upload Files”
Now your document is there!
• Now you may use this document in your
lesson plans or on your OnCourse webpage.
Attach to Lesson Plan
Click on the attach documents tab.
Select the file
Please note that you may attach a document to a lesson, to homework, or to both.
Attaching it to a lesson will not make it available to students. After you make your selection,
click “Save & Close”.
Back in the lesson plan window, you have confirmation that this document has been
attached to plans and homework. Attaching it to homework makes the file available to
Attach a File to your Website
Click the pencil icon to get
into the Edit mode.
The icon for attachments can be hard to see. It’s right after “HTML”.
Attach a File to your Website
After clicking the Attach icon, you must open your folder again to view your files.
Find the one you want to attach and click on it.
That’s It!
It will show up on your page with the file name and
type. You can add instructions for the file by simply
typing them in. For instance, I would put:
Students – here is the “Sell and Element” activity
guideline that I distributed in class.