Ind. 4.02(A) * Explain the types of advertising media

 Advertising media are channels of communication
 Information travels through them to consumer
 Publications
 Newspapers
 Reach a large audience
 Just about anyone can place an ad in a newspaper
 Newspapers are divided into sections that are useful
in promoting different kinds of products
 Newspapers vary based on:
 How often they are published
 Their size
 Geographic area they cover (national, regional,
 Whom they are intended to target
 Publications
 Magazines
 Appeal to a very specific target audience
 i.e. Golf Digest for golfers, Teen Vogue for teenage girls
 Can be classified based on the audience they reach:
 Consumer magazines
 For personal enjoyment – People, Sports Illustrated
 Business magazines
 Appeal to individuals in different industries or a general
population of workers – Business Week, BrandWeek
 Broadcast Media – considered a “time” media not a “space”
media because the ads last only as long as they are on the air
 Television (Mass Media)+
 Experience color, sound, and action making them easy
to remember and believable
 The most influential, best selling type of advertising
 Channels are chosen based on type of audience and cost
 Network TV (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX) reach a broad
audience but are extremely expensive
 Cable TV channel s target a more specific audience and are
less expensive
 Local TV targets a specific geographic and is the least
 Broadcast Media
 Radio
 Effective and affordable
way to reach your target
 Targets a specific
audience through he
stations format
 Trends:
 National Radio
 Broadcasting over the
 Direct Mail
 Printed Mail
 Ex. Sales letters, catalogs (niche), flyers, postcards, etc.
 Small businesses like to use because it is relatively inexpensive
 Can be viewed as junk mail if it is not sent to the right people
 Electronic Mail (e-mail)
 Popular because it is quick, easy and inexpensive
 Can end up in SPAM folders - to avoid this ask customers to
sign up for newsletters and ads (opt-in email marketing)
 The Internet
 Has became the fastest
growing media outlet
 Can target a specific
audience and track
 Ex. Business websites,
ads on others’ websites
or search engines, etc.
 Out-of-Home
 Exists to reach people
when they are away
from home
 Ex. Billboards, Signs,
Transit posters (on
things that move – i.e.
bus, taxi, blimp, etc.),
humans holding
signs, etc.
 Other Media (includes anything that has not been
discussed previously)
 Directory Advertising – informs on how to contact the
business with phone number, address or website
 Phone books (Yellow Pages) can target specific geographics
 Specialty Media – reminds people of your business,
must have three criteria:
 Have the businesses name or logo on it
 Must be a useful item – i.e. pen, shirt, cap, etc
 Must be given away
 Other Media (cont.)
 Telemarketing
 Calling prospective
customers and providing
a 1-800 number for them
to call
 Movie Theater
 Before the film, posters
& standups in the lobby
 Other Media (cont.)
 Free to introduce the
product to the customer
 Product Placement
 Manufacturers pay for
the their products to be
used as props in movies,
TV, and computer games
 Ads in Virtual Worlds
 Companies creating
avatars for businesses –
i.e. Second Life
 SMS Text
 Sending ads through
text messages
 Cheap and can target a
specific audience
 Consumers avoiding ads
 Do not call list
 Spam filters
 Pop up blockers
 DVR – but do you still
catch the brands while
you are fast forwarding?