Moving Ahead on The Road To ONESolution Version 11

Moving Ahead on The Road To
ONESolution Version 11
Presented by Mike Marcinkevicz and Julie Chung
California State University Fullerton Auxiliary Services Corporation
Western SUGA Conference – Anaheim, CA
Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Roundtable Discussion
CSU Fullerton Auxiliary Services Corporation
Mike Marcinkevicz, IT Director & Julie Chung, IT Business Services Analyst
Discussion Agenda
ASC’s migration from BiTech 7.6.9 to
OneSolution 11.10 HF1
• Deciding to move & Estimating work
• Testing
• Going Live
• Moving forward
ASC’s migration from BiTech 7.6.9 to
OneSolution 11.10 HF1
Where we were
• on Reflection VT100 screens
• Insight
• No 7i
• Daisy DotMatrix, ELF basic, and lots of printing
The Road that was Ahead
• Opportunity to move to much less paper use
• Improved user interface
• Updated software and many new features that
we never used and/or did not know where there
• Learning & knowing why we do things
• Correcting processes per Sungard or best
Moving forward success plan
FROM this
TO this
Reflection VT100
New WPF desktop providing visibility of errors and
organization and work
Finance only security
model with many
Security integrated with ActiveDirectory/Email,
Role Based Security which provides explanation to auditors
Daisy DotMatrix, ELF
basic, and lots of
CDD Laserprint CashReceipts
Use of ELF form numbering to autoprint
Documents Online for document viewing
Manual processes
Workflow for AP, etc.
Applicant Online / EEO AA
Employee Online for employee access to:
payroll check stubs / HR / open enrollment / old W-2s
FROM this
TO this
Receipts and huge filing areas
Moving to scanning and online
USER access from desktop or web
to receipts
Excel and Access databases
Moving to Grants Management
budgeting and Indirect Cost
Calculations based on the budgets
formulas with daily auto-billing and
job ledger categorizations
Four separate views of grant funding,
awards, funds available, research funds
for departments
Consolidated reporting with actuals
using one database for Grant
Awards (State / NonState) & Admin
Disorganized data from so many years
and versions
Reorganized information accessible
to those who need it
Verification testing completed before
users allowed on ONESolution
• Data migration started on a Friday
• Once complete, verification testing began
and continued through the weekend.
• After testing was completed and proved
successful, users were allowed to sign on
Monday morning to begin using the
system for production.
• Backup plan if testing had been
unsuccessful was to go back to using IFAS
Verify posting preferences GLUTSPPP
• GLUTSPPP screen shows incorrect order of posting
preferences after updating – case submitted
• ‘View’ column needs to be populated with ‘D’
• ‘Fund value’ wildcard is ‘@@’ (do not use ‘@@@’)
Verify reports/files can be accessed
• In the sbi.job.rdf folder
• RDF Reports
– To edit RDF definitions, access job server through terminal
emulator (Reflections) and run SY920 (refer to KBA-01569-V7F0
Running Classic Finance Screens in ONESolution)
• AdHoc Reports(RXRE)
– To edit AdHoc definitions, access job server through terminal
emulator (Reflections) and run RX350 (in 11.10, load error when
trying to update; fix for RX350 in 11.10 HF6)
• In the folder
• RJE Definition Files (called ‘Recurrent JE Function’ in
ONESolution, not the same as Recurring Calculations)
Template journal entries
• If there are template journal entries (JE’s that
are copied every month to a new JE batch),
they can be downloaded from IFAS to a flat file
via GLJEBP. Manipulate the data in excel to
create a csv file that can be uploaded to
ONESolution (format based on OS template for
JE importing in GLJERIIJ)
– Flat files are defined in NUUPCD, Code Category
Verify various common code data
SYNO (seed numbers)
CKID (check ID’s)
NUDT (system dates)
SYGL (system audit report and undo dates)
Verify basic GL/subsystem posting and
then undo test batches
Verify various import processes to
create batches
• GLUTRIIJ – Convert excel csv file to JE
• Had to update NUUPJBQS – GLM3
Formal name: INFILE
Qualifier: !DATA
RecLen: 512
Exist: Y
• GLUTRIIN – Convert non-comp file to JE
• Hotfix problem workaround: gl265 <2.37> works for GLJERJDS,
and gl265 <2c32> works for GLUTRIIN, Sungard changed the JCL
for GLUTRIIN to use gl265 <2c32>.
• APOHUTIN – Import CSV file
• Must have import template defined
CK to BK upgrade to ONESolution
• Recon Status and Match Status need to be updated with
'N' for loaded records
• Reversed checks (RV check type) need reversal date added
• Issued checks (HW, MW that are outstanding) need status
of 'IS'
• VH and VM check types need status of 'VD'
AR Verification
• ARUPCU – Does not automatically populate from PEUPPE
as in IFAS 7.6
– Have to add new customers first in PEUPPE then in ARUPCU
– Main Screen Status, Customer Address Code and Customer
Types Status will need to be updated to AC,PR,AC respectively
for imported records
• Fee Code for AR and CR are defined in the ‘Common’
module (fee code administration). At least one code for AR
and one code for CR – we defined NA code for both
– We use Finance module for cash receipts, not Common.
Common was originally designed for touch screen use.
– Receipt is printed from a CDD report which accesses
ar_batch_dtl and ar_batch mstr tables. Can be printed before
and after batch is posted.
Verify forms definition files
• Files located in sbi.job.perm
Verify payroll CDH codes
Verify test reports
• Rebuild accumulators (GLUTDICP) for each fiscal year
transferred to ONESolution
• If RDF report has a prior year column, workaround is
NUUPCD code category GLRP code value GL010EX must
have the RDF report mask in the Associated Codes column
(i.e. GLRESR06, GLRESR04)
• Compare reports run in ONESolution to reports run in IFAS
After go live, Sungard project manager
assists in resolving issues
• Communication with your project manager
after go-live is crucial to continued success in
the ONESolution production environment.
Keep your project manager involved on new
A Success Formula
Team related:
• Weekly updates with team
• TEST EVERYTHING, don’t assume Sungard has
• Build accountability in team with specific progress reports by
each lead
• Expect/Prepare for User Resistance…Don’t panic as issues
are expected as part of change
• Escalation with the Project Manager
• Plan/Review your training schedule, don’t assume it fits your
company, the order matters, the timing matters
• Not all DL trainers or PMs are alike
Communication related:
• Realize you might not be communicating what you think you
are (RDF reports example)
• Keep the resolution pipeline full… Instead of holding lists of
issues to address, Deliver issues to Sungard as soon as
possible when discovered, on Daily basis versus weekly
A Success Formula…
• Be Deliberate about prioritization of issues
• Celebrate successes
Installation related:
• Monitor the installation process
• Read the scope documents and instructions you are
signing, I forgot to read some
• Ask what will be changed instead of assuming
• Record Common Code changes of ANY kind early on
between OLD and Mock system… Because no one is
keeping track of these changes
• Turn on database logging for tables such as PY and
HR early on
• SecureLink Gateway, configure it to email when
someone connects
Moving Ahead on The Road To ONESolution Version 11
Thank you for your