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What is “infrastructure” and why is it important?
What does it look like?
What’s required for success?
Where do we start?
• What is “infrastructure” and why is it important?
The basic, underlying framework or features of a
system or organization … dictionary.com
It’s basically the “backbone” of any serious effort to
accomplish something, especially in a larger, more
complex organization with a lot of moving parts.
Best Practices
Formal Processes
Process Improvment
• Scalability – It’s all about leveraging or “scaling
up” the abilities, talents, and decisions of the
• Best Practices – Leaders discover and
determine the best way to do something and
implement a “formal” system for doing that
activity that everyone follows
• Formal Processes – Over time, every
important activity in the church is formalized,
documented, and made available to
• Process Improvement
• Measurement – If you’re not measuring it, you’re
not managing it
• Auditing – “Document what you do and do what
you document.” Once you have infrastructure in
place, you’re checking yourself to your own
• Baseline – Process improvement is difficult
without at least understanding the process as it
currently exits.
• What does it look like?
Development of infrastructure is done in the
church in 2 key areas:
1. People Processes
2. Business Processes
All things “people” are implemented via the
church’s Church Management Software
There are a number of CMS choices, but
Church Community Builder is the best,
especially when it comes to building “people
• Assimilation
• First Time Guest Follow
• Baptism
• Front Door Donor Follow
• Volunteer Recruitment
Volunteer Scheduling
Small Group
• Event Registration
All things “business” are implemented via the
church’s Management System.
The Management System is the collection of
documents (policies, procedures, work
instructions, forms, etc.) that collectively govern
how things are done in the church.
• Processing of Weekly
• Purchasing
• Expense
• Check Request
• Petty Cash
• Staff Policy Manual
Job Descriptions
Organizational Structure
• Corrective Action
• Church Discipline
• What’s required for success?
• Leadership Commitment – Senior leadership
must be behind the effort. They use “the
language” and point staff to the processes,
procedures, etc.
• Team Effort – Building infrastructure has to be a
team effort. Everyone on the team needs to “get
• Excellent Access and Distribution – The
processes, procedures, etc. must be easily
accessible to staff.
• Where do we start?
1. Assemble The Team – Assemble a crossfunctional team of stakeholders.
2. Identify Pain Points – Make a list of “process
pain points” as a team and prioritize the list.
3. Flowchart The Process – Flowchart the existing
process and create the new process.
4. Write The Procedure – Write the procedure
using the new flowchart.
• Need to click to a URL to show an example
of an Operating Procedure
• Q&A
What is “infrastructure” and why is it important?
What does it look like?
What’s required for success?
Where do we start?
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• Coaching – Working with church leaders to help
develop infrastructure and implement growth
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