Famous Bratfud Lads and Lasses

Famous Bratfud
Lads & Lasses
A Short List with Omissions
Jacob Unna and Jacob Behrens, founders of the Bradford
Chamber of Commerce.
Charles Semon, elected Bradford's first Jewish and foreignborn mayor.
Berthold Reif, from Czechoslovakia, comes to Bradford and
became a merchant and then mill owner in the Great
Depression. He was said to possess 'The Spice of Adventure'.
Joseph Kagen, later Lord Kagan, a Holocaust survivor,
initially comes to Bradford at the end of the war. He went on
to found Kagen Textiles Ltd.
• Shabir Hussain – Founder and Chief executive of Akbar’s
• Mumtaz Khan Akbar – Founder of Mumtaz Food Industries
and owner of one of the largest Asian restaurants in Europe.
• Mohammed Saleem – Founder of Kashmir Crown Bakery.
• Mohammed Ajeeb CBE– The first Asian Lord Mayor of
• Samuel Lister (1815 -1906) – Owned Lister’s Mill
(Manningham Mill), Became Bradford’s MP in 1832, invented
the Lister’s nip comb which separated & straightened the
wool before it could be spun into Worsted yarn. This
revolutionised the textile industry.
• J.B. Priestly (1894 -1984) – Novelist (26), playwright &
• Sir Edward Appleton (1892 – 1965) – Physicist & Nobel Prize
winner (for Physics), discovered the Ionosphere (The upper
part of the atmosphere), which led to the development of
• David Hockney – Painter. Considered one of the most
influential British painters of the 20th century.
• Sir Ken Morrison CBE- Is the Life President and former Chair
of Morrisons Supermarkets, the 4th largest food retailers in
the country. His parents William & Hilda set up a chain of
grocers in Bradford in 1899.
• Benjamin (1877 – 1963) & William (1880 – 1965) Jowett –
Founded the Jowett Motor Manufacturing Company, which
produced family & Sports cars in Bradford between 1904 &
1953. They then sold the factory to International Harvesters
who made tractors. They in turn packed in, in the 1980’s and
Morrisons bought the site and build the 5 lanes End
Morrisons complex there.
• Charlotte (1816 -1855), Emily (1818 – 1848), Anne (1820 –
49) & Bramwell (1817 -1848) Bronte - Were poets and
Novelists, Born in Thornton, but moved to Haworth in 1820
when their Father Patrick became the Curate of Haworth.
• Peter Firth – Actor, currently plays Sir Harry Pearce in the T.V.
Drama, Spooks
• Gareth Gates – Singer, shot to fame on the T.V. Show, Pop Idol,
when he came runner up in the first series.
• Kimberly Walsh – Singer & Actress, rose to fame with the
group Girls Aloud.
• Timothy West – Actor, performed in numerous T.V. series,
Plays & Films.
• Richard Whitley (1943 – 2005) – T.V. Presenter on Countdown
& Calendar.
• Adrian Edmondson – Comedian, actor & musician, probably
best known for his role as Vivian the Punk in the 1980’s T.V.
series, The Young Ones.
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