Finding statistics online for Management studies: a guide (docx, 68

Finding Statistics Online for
Management Studies: a guide
For links to official UK, European and world statistics for countries, economies and industries, see
the Library webpage at: .
Note: scroll down the page to access, for example, budgetary and economics statistics,
employment statistics, IMF statistics, etc.
Subscribed Sources
Access via the Library’s eResources webpage at: .
OECD Statistics
For statistical time series data from the OECD for member countries and other selected
economies, across a wide range of macroeconomic indicators. Data is collected annually or
Euromonitor Passport
For in-depth data on countries, markets, consumer lifestyles, etc.
FAME: Financial Analysis Made Easy
For UK company financial data by individual company, industry sector and geographical region.
Key Notes
Although primarily for market research, Key Note reports also provide access to UK company
financial data, similar to FAME.
UK and European Statistics
UK Official Statistics .
For official statistics concerning, for example, UK national accounts, economic and labour market
statistics, economic trends, social trends, regional trends, etc.
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May 2015
Finding Statistics Online for Management Studies: a guide
European Official Statistics: EUROSTAT
For statistics from the European Communities.
Statistics of International Organisations
For statistics from the United Nations Conference on Trade Development. Provides statistical data
concerning the analysis of world trade, investment, international financial flows, etc.
For data from UNESCO Institute for Statistics, providing cross-nationally comparable statistics on
education, science and technology, culture, and communication for more than 200 countries and
World Development Indicators (WDI)
Provides global development data (see World Bank link below.)
World Integrated Trade Solution
Data from the World Bank: .
Economic Data Sets available free on the Web
The Economics Network .
A very useful website compiled by John Sloman. Divided into four key sections:
UK sites for data.
International sites for data.
Market data.
Portal sites with links to other sites.
UK Data Service .
The UK Data Service provides access to a range of key economic and social statistics.
May 2015
Finding Statistics Online for Management Studies: a guide
Quandl .
Free access to a large number of financial, economic and social datasets.
Google Public Data Explorer .
Tool for searching and viewing freely available data.
World Bank .
Provides statistics published by the World Bank covering over 50 countries, with up to 50 years of
data and over 1100 social and economic indicators.
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