Better Start Bradford * Le Grand Depart!

Better Start Bradford – Le Grand Depart
Our aim – getting it right at the start
Our Better Start Bradford Journey so far – bumpy roads and downhill
Our programme - Road racer, BMX, mountain bike, tricycle, unicycle – to make
sure everyone gets there
What’s special about Bradford – hills and valleys and ever-changing landscapes
What we picked up en route and how that changed the view
Reaching our destination
The journey so far
Bradford Trident appointed lead body
• Stage 1 genuine partnership - where the framework was built
• Reached Stage 2 through joint effort and a real push
• Stage 2 setting out on the road to reach communities, parents and
• Really understanding parent and child journeys
• Starting to create the infrastructure
• Building the team – partnership, staff, stakeholders, supporters
Bumps in the road
Some of the tricky bits:
• Leverage discussions
• Engaging schools
• Engaging elected members
• Understanding the triangulation between BSB, SRU and
the Big Lottery Fund
• Time pressures
The freewheeling stretches
• No-one said “no”
• Amazing community strengths and commitment
• Real consensus about the programme
• Involvement at every level and in every community
• Working together from the start
• Getting real commitment to leverage once we talked about
• Born in Bradford
Nuts and bolts
Bump Start Your Baby
• Better Place
Fall in love with your
• Innovation Hub
Babies and Bonding
Eat, Live, Love
Talking Together
• Learning Together
• Working Together
• Bradford’s babies are
everyone’s business
The journey of a Better Start Bradford Family
Our mum
received a
Bookstart Bump
Pack from her
Midwife, and we
will receive books
up until our 3rd
Our mum and dad
are really confident
about how to give us
the best start and we
feel healthy and
Our family learnt
about baby brain
development so
they talk and sing
to us, even when
we were just a
We have fun with our
dad at Bookstart
corner learning new
rhymes and songs,
this helps us to
develop our
Our family know
what to do if we
cry through the
Coping with
Crying DVD, so
they are less
anxious when we
Our life chances will be improved
Our mum had
help with healthy
eating and
exercise when she
was pregnant,
and now we are
healthy and love
our food
Our mum breastfed
us and was supported
by the Volunteer
Supporters, this helps
to build our immune
Our homestart
volunteer showed
our mum where
the nearest
Children’s Centre is
so we have made
friends and she
does not feel
The places we
walk and play
have less air
pollution which
means our
will develop
Our mum was well
prepared for our birth
thanks to the antenatal
programme and help
from her Doula, which
made her more relaxed
when we were first
Bradford’s Landscape
“Walk over the crest of the hill and start down into Town, past the intricate raggle of little shops that
embroider the road side and spill their treasures onto to the pavements.
All the world is here, laid out in patchworks of drenched and brilliant colour”
Joolz Denby: Bradford – A Poem
What our community in the BSB area is like
Our BSB area – some of the most deprived in the country
Our children’s outcomes
The external challenges
What we learned en route
How to do a huge and complex bid! But everyone knows that now
Integration is key – we helped establish the Integrated Care Pathway
Early intervention is becoming a priority due to the development stage
Parents and staff want to understand about babies brains, attachment and
bonding – they’re excited by it!
We don’t do evidence-based very well – but we’re getting better
We’re stronger if the community and parents are leading
Where we are heading and how we will do it
In 10 years our BSB children will be at least at the national average for
school readiness
We will reduce obesity at reception age by 25%
We will reach 95% of pregnant women by 12 weeks
All our staff will understand and promote the importance of
healthy early development
Parents and the community will be advocates for healthy eating, strong
relationships with 0-3s and getting it right at the start
Challenges ahead
Reaching everyone – engaging the parents and children we don’t see much
Change - in the current environment of dwindling resources and the impact
of that on services
Keeping momentum – learning and changing as we go along
Keeping on track
• Being where people are and doing the things that work
• Keep looking ahead but being aware of what’s around you
• Reviewing and changing
• Working together
….. Keep pedalling!
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